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Once upon a time, painted timber floorings made from inexpensive planks, most often pine, were the most common and affordable flooring options. They can still be seen in a rural house, an old apartment. But in recent years, floorboards made of high-quality timber, often valuable species, have appeared on the luxury timber flooring market. It can be massive or spliced ​​from several layers, the second option is somewhat cheaper.

What timber floors look like?

Timber floors available in Kellyville come in many forms. They are laid from boards of different types and sizes. The timber of different species is used; logs are sawn into boards in different ways. There are hundreds of varieties of floorboards, differing in a pattern, shade. For flooring, boards are used the entire length of the room or shorter. The latter can be stacked in a checkerboard pattern, staggered with seams, or so that all ends are on the same line.

The seams between the floorboards can be specially emphasized by using a bevelled board. Inexpensive plank floors covered with reddish-brown paint are a familiar option for many. Today, they often use a creative approach to painting timber floors, using an unusual paint colour, combining different colours, and performing complex patterns using stencils. But the noblest look is timber flooring made from an extra-class or class Aboard. Such a board is not painted but covered with oil, wax or varnish, preserving an expressive textured pattern, tone drops.

If you cover the floors with glossy varnish, the room will look lighter, more spacious and elegant.

The deliberate roughness of the loft-style will perfectly complement the floors from boards of different shades, especially artificially aged ones. Brushed plank floors look impressive in modern minimalist and antique-styled luxury interiors. Brushing is one of the methods of artificial ageing, removal of soft timber fibres with a metal brush, deepening of grooves. As a result, the tree acquires a more expressive texture.

There are several varieties of floorboards, almost indistinguishable in appearance, but differing in price and performance.

Solid board

Made from a single piece of solid wood. It can be edged, but often grooved. A quarter is removed at the edges or a thorn-groove connection is cut out, the thorn is rectangular or conical in shape. The grooves provide a tight fit during installation. In the so-called Euro plank, several longitudinal grooves are cut from below for ventilation.

Different types of wood can be used:

  • pine is a budget option; it is softwood that wears out quite intensively;
  • oak is a strong, durable and beautiful material, has many shades, is not afraid of moisture;
  • exotic species with a high content of oils in wood (Merbau, teak), like oak, are resistant to moisture and wear, look impressive, but such floors are very expensive;
  • Lightwood and fruit trees (ash, elm, cherry) are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

If you are looking into building your dream house, then using the best quality timber flooring material available in Kellyville will be of help to you as you are going to save money and at the same time have flooring that is of quality.

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