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COVID-19 has taken a toll on general life. It has thrown the lives of common people out of track. Corporate offices and firms too have suffered a lot. Their schedules and itinerary of some of the important activities have been either cancelled or postponed. While during the lockdown, certain companies allowed their employees to work from home, many pulled down their curtains on regular activities temporarily. This yielded to teams getting shattered and groups dismantled. The work culture of the employees was changed formidably.

Challenges that Lie Ahead Post Lockdown

For the companies, not only bringing their daily activities on track has been a challenge but also ensuring that their employees continue to work with the same zeal and enthusiasm is an onerous task. They would have to put in more effort to find ways to engage every individual yet again through several and effective offsite team building activities. It is a challenge for the management to accomplish and to ascertain that employees are engaged in the organized corporate offsite activities for many reasons.

Offsite Team Building Activities- Bridging Gaps & Differences

We all know the purpose of organizing offsite team building activities. Many of the organizations used to conduct sessions for their employees before the pandemic. But post lockdown, there has been a requirement to restructure all those activities for the welfare of the employees and benefits of the organization.

The breakout of the pandemic has taught each one of us the importance of digitalization & technology and how it would be beneficial for mankind in the long run. The corporate world has shifted most of its activities online and so are the related employee engagement activities.

Thinking out off the Beaten Track

Till date, many of the activities were organized and continued for years with a little twist and innovation. However, the organizer and planners, post-pandemic crises, are now thinking of corporate offsite activities that won’t go out of style and would be equally engaging and impressive as their descendants. Idea is to have activities that would last long and one should always stay focused and dedicated to solving the purpose of the organization rather than chasing fads and trends. 

Bringing Space & Distance to Life

Many of the MNCs have faced this issue. Their employees were stuck in some other countries when the lockdown was called.

What could have brought the entire family under one roof? Obviously, continued communication through an effective channel. Organizations opted for that and ensured the adoption of all possible means to stay connected to every employee during the lockdown as well.

Another challenge for the management that surfaced was to keep the employees motivated at home as none of the corporate offsite activities could be organized.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The pandemic taught us that we cannot standstill. Therefore, to move on, alternatives were looked upon. With over 500 different ideas from corporate team builders and planners regarding organizing offsite team building activities, the corporate world was dedicated to providing its employees with yet another enriching and engaging session. The activities which were earlier held in the community and with the physical presence, are now will be held online. Technology and ideas are combined together, in this case, to introduce new game forms without risking the quarantine. The following are some of the basic ideas– 

  • Outdoor game ideas where employees are to play together over technology.
  • Corporate offsite games and activities that are based on cloud gaming or can be played while being at a distance.
  • Activities like online story-telling and quizzes could be engaging, encouraging, and enriching.
  • Tasks or activities based on photos and videos


In a nutshell, contended employees have greater productivity. Keeping this in mind, companies will ensure that the employees remain motivated. Therefore, every possible employee engagement activities and motivational sessions are held to keep them charged even in the gloomy phase. Thus, the future of corporate offsite team building post lockdown would become more technology-based keeping in mind the present scenario. 

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