Wed, Aug 4, 2021

When you buy any product from any online store, you will need to be very careful about your choice. This is not only to save you from being duped but also from the hassles of returning the product and waiting for the refund, which may or may not be made. The same principle applies when you buy cheap vanities online stores as well. Here is a specific guide that you should follow to make sure that you get the right product in the first attempt. Remember, whether you have a modern or a traditional bathroom and you go for a costly or a cheap product, the buying rules remain the same. 

Correct measurement matters

Since you will not be able to feel and touch the product when you buy it online, it pays to know your measurements and be as precise as possible. You can even take help from a pro for that matter, for that extra bit of assurance. This will not only help you to select the best and cheap vanities from online stores but also the one that will fit in and blend properly with your existing bathroom décor. When you measure the space, keep these critical factors in mind. You must leave enough room for the entry and shower door openings as well as the trim. This will not disrupt the flow of traffic. 

The existing features

If you want to keep unnecessary costs at bay, you will also need to consider the current features in your bathroom first before you start surfing through different types of vanities for your bathroom. The current features include the electrical outlets and switches, the mirrors, and other fixtures. It is also essential to take note of the plumbing location. This is because it will help you to decide the width of the vanity. Moreover, if you have to move plumbing and fittings, it will surely increase the costs. Lastly, consider the standard building code compliance factor. Ideally, you should allow 18 inches, at least from the centre of the toilet to the cabinet edge.

The vanity styles

You will need to consider the style of the vanity and choose one that will blend with the style of your bathroom. For example, if you have white walls in your bathroom, then a green vanity will look awesome, adding colour to it. Ideally, bathroom vanities come in two specific styles, namely, built-in or freestanding. If you have a small space, then you should go for the freestanding style and choose the built-in ones if you have enough space. This will offer you with larger countertop and more space for storage. 

Select the right options

Since there are lots of costly or cheap vanities from online stores options, you will need to select the right one for your bathroom. If you have limited space or problems in installation, you can choose a vanity with or without a top. Choose the correct material form the extensive range of solid surface, cultured, glass, or natural stone. Lastly, consider the finish, colour, hardware, storage, and accessories.


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