Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Bathroom flooring can make a big appearance, whether a large master bathroom or a small bathroom. It provides the mutual foundation and tone for the room. Generally, you want it to be pretty, stylish, extravagant and practical for cleaning and for safety.

Bathrooms can be expensive to remodel, so most people don’t renovate them that often. So, it’s very crucial to get bathroom tiles you like, and that will last you a long time.

Bathroom tile trends

Wood-look Tiles:

The biggest contemporary trend in bathroom tile flooring is the tiles that look like hardwood. These wood look tiles come in a variety of designs and colours. With the improved inkjet technology, these tiles look super realistic. You can choose the high or low colour variation based on your preference. The popular shades are assumed to be light greys and whites, as well as other emerging cool tones. One of the best things about porcelain wood looking tiles is that they start with a white base, so it’s so much easier for you to get a true grey or whitewashed look vs. what you would clearly get with real hardwood.

 One of the other benefits of these contemporary bathroom tiles is that they are much easier to clean. They do have less grout and thinner grout lines, and the graining makes the dirt a bit less observable. Several homeowners decide that they want to continue with the same colour style to the walls; others choose to contrast between the different colours. The wood-look tiles are so unique and neutral, so they can really work for your bathroom. 

Black and White Stencilled Tiles:

If you’re looking for a modern farmhouse design or retro décor for your bathroom, then these black and white vintage designs are super cool. You’ll find them everywhere you look like on Pinterest. They work very well with white beadboard, or better yet shiplap. These contemporary bathroom tiles are pleasing as your eyes follow the patterns. You can find a lot of black and white stencilled tiles as well as the grey and white ones. The pattern comes into place as you fit the tiles together.


Mosaics are very cool these days, especially those white marble ones (even the black and white patterned ones). You can see that these contemporary bathroom tiles do come in a range of shapes these days including subway tiles, chevron, basket weaves, and even Moroccan among other tile shapes.

 Many homeowners are opting to use the same white marble tile throughout the whole bathroom, but mixing up the shapes of the marbles on the floors, walls and shower area.

Light and cool-toned shades, especially white and greys, and other light neutrals:

Neutral colours, like the light ones, are the most popular. Whites, creams and light greys are the most used and popular. Neutral beiges are also a top choice, but as yellows and warm colours have become more dated in the home, you will tend to find more neutral beige, in fact,  greige, which are a combo of grey and beige.

The above points have got you covered if you are looking for contemporary bathroom tiles.


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