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An aluminium louvre is an important element to consider during the construction work and the primary reason is to get protection from the sun. The louvres come with horizontal slats at different angles to get shade from the sun. Today, you will come across louvres that are primarily required for decorative purposes. 

The louvres are known as one of the sustainable ways to minimise the cooling and heating and is an effective system of controlling the climate in a building. They are often used in the windows and doors to facilitate the entry of light and air to stay away from moisture and sunshine. 

Here are the benefits of aluminium louvre panels to know.

  • Durability of louvres

Aluminium is among the environmentally-friendly materials to be used for construction. Even though there is a noted difference in weight when compared to other metals, such as copper and steel, aluminium stops in strength and sturdiness. Aluminium is lightweight and durable lends it a strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Corrosion-resistant

Aluminium comes with a protective coating of oxide that safeguards it from corrosion and rusting, which proves advantageous for different buildings. If you want a construction to last for several years, choosing louvres made from aluminium is the best choice. 

  • Versatility of aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most versatile materials to match the requirements of consumers and fir the space assigned for the louvre without any hassle. You can customise different louvres from aluminium based on the air flow you need.

  • Environment-friendly material

When you look for environment-friendly materials for construction work, aluminium is one of the eco-friendly materials to choose. It is a recyclable material that is reused and recycled many times without destroying the physical features. You need not dispose of the material into the landfill and create a sustainable environment.

  • Impressive looks

For aluminium louvres, you do not require a lot of maintenance as it does not rust or corrode. Therefore, the designs you create with aluminium louvres last longer than you think without sustaining any damage due to weather or any other element. Contrary to what you think, the aluminium louvres do not have practical functions only; you can enhance their visibility and include them into the appearance of the structure with appropriate shade and finish.

  • Custom designs 

Aluminium is a highly flexible metal which melts easily. Therefore, you can move ahead with custom designing options to meet the needs of an architect. 

Things to know

The aluminium louvre panels come with several different advantages for commercial buildings to improve ventilation in them naturally. When offering the highest level of ventilation, the aluminium louvres offer good protection against weather and include different designs to allow it to blend with the architectural style of the building. 

Research reveals that the primary source of carbon dioxide comes from the heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, and from lighting options. With aluminium louvres, you can expect the energy performance of a commercial building to increase.  With the installation of louvres, the external and internal airflow can improve radically and protects buildings from the weather outside. 

Choosing from aluminium louvres

You can choose from several different aluminium louvres, such as glaze-in louvres in different colours and styles. The basic louvre systems are also available in different styles. However, you need to keep in mind that louvres are suitable for those buildings only where water ingress is not one of the major issues, so you can install it in the roof space, ventilation shaft, or in the car parks. 

Louvres with weather rating standards are also available that are suitable for harsh weather, along with strong wind and rain. The weather-resistant features make them suitable for various applications. 

Get the best from aluminium louvres

For those who want to get creative with the designs of buildings, the architects include louvres into the overall design and not only for functionality. Even though louvres may not be considered as an integral part of the building design, you can make the most of the horizontal lines to create a dramatic impact. In those places where the temperatures are typically high, the louvres made from aluminium protect the buildings and lend the necessary shading and ventilation. Among the typical benefits of aluminium louvre panels in controlling water during a flood, allowing the water to enter and leave different premises at the same time. 


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