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Nowadays, whoever starts interior decoration of their newly constructed bungalow, looks for a hardwood flooring, as they are attractive, durable and can be refinished as well unlike other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring is so much in vogue today, for some people, it’s because it gives us an illusion of the scenic beauty of forest full of woods whereas some fall for its durability.

Hardwood flooring is available in different colors, types, designs if we choose from the wide ranges that the Sydney flooring offers.

Hardwood flooring in Sydney is made up of planks of timber and has a longer lifetime compared to other types of flooring. They have a thicker wear surface and can be sanded and finished a lot of times. Well, as mentioned above, the hardwood flooring in Sydney has got many wonderful types.

Below are the types of hardwood flooring it offers:


  • Maple hardwood flooring: Maple flooring has a very delicate grain pattern which works well both in large and small spaces. It’s extremely durable and doesn’t absorb the stain.
  • Rosewood flooring: Rosewood flooring is a new product in the market. It has got a unique grain pattern and is available in many beautiful pale and bright colors. One can choose according to the color of the walls in the house.
  • Walnut flooring: As the name suggests, the walnut flooring is precisely that strong and hard like the dry fruit we consume. They mostly have dark and exotic appearance and looks amazing in spacious houses.
  • Cherry flooring: The cherry flooring is best suited for the kids’ room from my point of view as they are pink in color which darkens over time and gives a great elegant look to the room. Cherry flooring is a long-lasting option to choose.
  • Brazilian cherry flooring: Brazilian cherry flooring is yet another beautiful and stronger than the cherry flooring option. When installed it gives a reddish brown effect and looks really worth to live in a room with such flooring. It is durable and long lasting as well.
  • Hickory flooring: Hickory flooring is a great combination of rustic and durable texture. It can withstand heavy foot traffic. It even goes well with any type of decor.
  • Ash flooring: If you don’t want to spend so much on flooring then you can surely go with the ash flooring as it is beautiful and inexpensive at the same time.
  • Oak flooring: Oak flooring is one of the most popular hardwood floorings. It is super durable, timeless and resistant to wear out.
  • Hardwood flooring in Sydney
  • offers different shades of color and looks great in the house when installed.
  • Mahogany flooring: Mahogany flooring is a classic choice for any kind of house. It always tops the list when one is looking for a combo of elegant and beautiful hardwood flooring. It’s a bit expensive and can be an item of snob appeal for the elites to flaunt


Choose any one from wooden floors in Sydney, and you will never have to regret your choice as all the types of hardwood flooring has great and different benefits of installing them at your home or any workplace.

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