Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Everyone is aware of the importance of paper bags in today’s society. They’re the cheap and more sustainable alternative to plastics, and completely negate the threat that other packaging materials possess towards the environment and wildlife. As a result, more and more companies today are opting for this packaging material. Custom paper bags are even more popular from the agricultural sector to the chemicals and food industry.

While some suppliers might not understand the importance of custom packing, they are the best route to take if you want to make your product stand out on the shelves. They create an image for your brand and attract potential buyers.  

Thus, settling for plain and simple bags is no longer the norm. Custom paper bags carry with them numerous possibilities and offer an array of designs, styles, and pattern. 

Types of Custom Paper Bags

Although there are many varieties of custom paper options some popular options include:

1. Doy Pouches 

Stand up pouches or doy pouches come with a bottom gusset that enables the bag to be in a standing position when filled to the brim. The zip closers keep the pouch in an airtight condition and prevent any chances of spillage. Whether you’re packing food or non-food items, this type of packaging is perfect. 

Apart from their traditional use in food packaging, a number of cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, and pet food products can be packed this way. With customisation, you can add a professional appeal to the items and thus enhance the image of your brand in the market. 

2. Side Gusset Bags 

Excellent for packing tea and coffee, the side gusset bags are folded on either side and take up less space than traditional boxes on shelves. Thus, it is widely preferred in the packaging industry for ease of transporting. They expand when there’s sufficient product in the bag and thus can stand without support. 

They protect the product very well and can have a foil barrier for additional protection, thus enhancing the product’s shelf-life. Different tea and coffee manufacturing companies prefer customising their paper bags to promote their brand and make it more appealing to buyers. 

3. Box Bottom Bags

This type of customised packing bag has a square bottom and has panels on the side for custom labelling.  

They are also layered with a thin sheet of aluminium, to resist moisture and heat, thus preventing spoiling or acidification. 

Why Customise Paper Bags?

A lot of food and non-food industries might dismiss the importance of custom paper bags. However, they’re what adds a unique look to your product and makes it appealing to the common public. The packaging is the first thing a buyer sees in your product and thus it should represent your brand. 

With unique shapes, vibrant colours, brand logo, and different patterns, your product is completely revamped and ready for the market.


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