Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Free-standing bathtubs and free-standing bathroom vanities, in general, remind people of the old days. After all, modern-day homeowners don’t have enough spaces in their bathrooms to get large-footed bathtubs, right? Wrong! The advantages that these tubs offer trump almost every perk that space-efficient bathroom furniture items and accessories provide.

Freestanding bathtubs in Sydney are some of the most popular bathroom items amongst new homeowners. This latest trend in bathroom design is down to a lot of factors. 

Here’s why these tubs are no longer seen as large space-consuming hulks that new homeowners can’t afford:

1. An Appealing Market:

The popularity of free-standing bathtubs and free-standing bathroom vanities has a lot to do with the creative new designs in the market. Tub designers have realized that free-standing bathtubs aren’t just places to bathe – but they’re also classy décor pieces. A well-designed free-standing bathtub can immediately take you back to the Victorian era and make your bathroom reek elegance.

The intrinsic nostalgia that free-standing baths in Sydney possess, coupled with sleek designs of modern-day tub designers, make these bathroom items extremely appealing, especially to new shoppers. Every new homeowner wants a classy bathtub with gracefully rounded curves to serve as their bathrooms’ focal points. 

2. Plenty of Options:

Currently, the free-standing bathtub market is full of exciting design options. In the past, free-standing baths in Sydney were only pursued by homeowners who owned large bathrooms. Now, 

  • Homeowners with smaller bathrooms can get compactly designed free-standing baths in Sydney. 
  • Unique designs like Japanese soaking tubs or slipper tubs make it easier for users to rest their feet. 
  • The market of free-standing bathroom vanities is full of exciting products. Homeowners can incorporate these classy vanities with their free-standing bathtubs to create their dream bathrooms.

Technically, anyone who wants to make his/her bathroom feel and look more luxurious can do so by exploring the diverse free-standing bathtub market and making some smart purchases. 

3. Space-Efficiency: 

Contrary to belief, both free-standing bathtubs and free-standing bathroom vanities can be space-efficient. It depends on how they’re positioned and installed. With free-standing tubs, users have the option to place these tubs anywhere they like. With careful placement, homeowners can even give their bathrooms the illusion of appearing bigger. 

Add some strategically picked free-standing bathroom vanities right next to the tub, and you can create an optimized space for bathing, drying, and getting ready in your bathroom. As long as there are six (preferably more) inches of space between the tub and the four walls of your bathroom, you’ll have plenty of space to move around. 

4. Easy to Install, Use, and Maintain: 

Lastly, the popularity of free-standing bathtubs in Sydney is down to the fact that they’re easy to install, use, and maintain. Since users can walk around these tubs, cleaning them isn’t a hassle. Professional installers don’t have to build any new wiring or plumbing lines to install these tubs. Once these tubs are installed, using them is very easy.

These are the factors that contributed to the latest rises in demand for free-standing bathtubs and other free-standing fixtures!


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