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What Ensures Better Strength And Durability In Frameless Glass Balustrade

When it comes to the modern built environment, glass and steel have become symbolic parts of constructions. This perfect combination presents high aesthetic benefits. Larger glass panels can help maximize lights within the internal portions of the building and also proven to be quite beneficial. 

When it comes to balustrade projects, tough laminated glass is always the preferred choice. It is mainly because of the high-end strength and durable properties that the frameless glass balustrade has in store for you. 

The durability at its best:

The tough glass panel for the balustrade comprises of interlayers, right within the glass panels. These layers are perfect for helping in keeping the structure of glass perfectly intact, even if it gets compromised or smashed. This point is mainly relevant for all the frameless options, where you won’t find the use of handrails that often.

  • For complementing the available glass panels of the balustrade, you will receive stainless steel material to go with it. 
  • The reasons for heading towards this material are their amazing material performance like corrosion resistant, heat and fire-resistant and impact resistant.
  • Moreover, stainless steel in balustrade will offer higher structural integrity along with great mechanical functions. There will be some amazing hygienic qualities too, which will prove to be one amazing choice for premium quality balustrades.
  • Reliable manufacturing hubs will be using the premium quality stainless steel along with a fine mix of zinc alloy to it. It helps to create the perfect fixings for glass balustrades. 

They are also working hard to develop wide ranges of structural glass fixings. So, you can procure top-notch quality standoff point fixing, base channel, handrails, fasteners and glass clamps from the same source. The team ensures that the products you receive from their side can be integrated seamlessly with the finest balustrade systems.

Going for the specification criteria:

According to some regulations and rules apply, the main purpose of glass balustrade is to offer that much-needed protective barrier against any drop or floor level. For the residential buildings under multi or single occupancy, the glass balustrade is used when there is a difference in the level of the floor, more than 600mm. 

For the other non-residential buildings, the criteria will change to more than 380mm or even with staircases with over two levels. You have the liberty to use glass balustrade whenever safety is necessary. As these items are pretty durable with high-end strength, you can expect the products to last for a long time. Once installed, you are covered for a few decades to come.

Promising regulations to follow:

Regulations can easily stipulate that the glass balustrades must be of a certain height for offering much-needed protection. You better consult with the right team on that, especially while planning to invest money on frameless glass balustrade now. 

  • In terms of the internal areas like ramps, mezzanine floors or even staircases, balustrades must be of a basic height of 900mm. 
  • On the other hand, for the glass balustrades to be used in outdoor areas like external staircase, balconies and swimming pool fencing, there needs to be a minimum height of 1100mm around them.
  • You have to consider three major load types over here. Those are concentrated load, uniformly distributed loan or UDL and the line load. 

Multiple factors can also affect the requirements. However, the main thing to consider is the use of any particular traffic and building level. For that, specialist advice is of the utmost importance for determining correct loading factors while installing glass balustrade. 

Precise engineering is always a clear winner:

To ensure that your glass balustrade is of utmost durability, the manufacturing unit needs to focus on precise engineering. It helps to create some of the innovative designs, without worrying about the strength value of glass balustrades. Moreover, proper engineering will always ensure quality through the entire specification procedure for any balustrade project. 

Contractors and architects are going to work hand in hand for producing the best balustrade fixing for utmost safety. They will ensure to craft the most aesthetically pleasing project, which is durable and long-lasting as well. Even the projects will conform to the Regulations and Rules of the current state. So, make sure to head for the top-notch manufacturing team for quality glass balustrades in the end.

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