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Available in a wide variety of colours, from pinks to purples, browns to greys, granite is the most attractive option to most homeowners. These benchtops come with a mottled texture, and it is grainy, which makes it welcoming and warm.  Granite Benchtops are impact, stain, and scratch and heat resistant, making it a stylish and economical option.

These features might seem lucrative, but these are the reasons that allow some fabricators to fool their customers. You might end up buying a low-quality laptop without your knowledge. So, to save you from such disaster here is a short guide to buying granite benchtops.

Here are a few guides for selecting granite benchtops:

  1. Slabs or tiles:

You firstly, need to consider whether you are interested in buying granite slabs or tiles. A granite slab is solid and carved from a single, massive block of granite. The colour and pattern of the piece remain the same throughout. It is a little expensive compared to granite tiles but requires less maintenance and care.

Granite tiles, on the contrary, are produced from multiple left out pieces of the stone. They are a pocket-friendly option but demands regular cleaning, especially the grout between tiles.

  1. Granite patterns:

Once you have learnt the difference between slabs and tiles, there is another crucial thing that you need to know. Granite benchtops come in different unique patterns. Some are there that have a flowing or wavy pattern. While buying such slabs, make sure that all the lines flow in the same direction.

That will not offer an ugly look to your kitchen and will also prevent you from being fooled. Some fabricators will use the left-out pieces during the job. That no doubt saves money but becomes an eyesore, so beware of buying and using the same patterns.

  1. Polish:

Polish helps to offer a finishing touch to any surface. That instantly increases the appearance of the object. It is also essential to provide a polish to granite benchtops. That offers them a mirror-like look and quality.

However, some fabricators rub only the surface, leaving out the edges. To understand the quality of the polish of the benchtop, run your hand throughout the body. If it is rough or has any prints or stains, it might indicate poor craftsmanship.

  1. Sealing:

Sealing the surface of the benchtop protects it from scratches, spills, and stains. If you spill something on the surface of granite benchtops, it will still look flawless. You can rub off the spill using a moist sponge. A good sealant tends to last for almost a decade. You need to keep in mind while sealing that lighter granite might require sealing a little early.

The above tips are undoubtedly helpful enough to make you aware of the critical considerations. You should also make it a point to inspect the stone physically before you spend money.  However, before you finally proceed to the installation task, you need to make sure you hire a reliable fabricator. You can request quotes from several companies and also check their services to understand their genuineness.

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