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The primary bathroom vanities consist of a mirror, the above-cabinet,Basin or sink, and the counter either above or below with a cabinet beneath. In some cases, the sink top is one unit. Therefore, for the bathroom vanity to be an essential fixture in the bathroom will be an understatement. As you leave or enter the bathroom, you must stop at the vanity, whether it is washing hands fixing your hair or finding a lotion. Most homeowners in the modern days use vanities in setting up the tone while decorating their bathrooms. Bathroom vanities can be acquired in a variety of styles as well as sizes based on financial commitments, and functionality.

Bathroom vanities for sale are usually made based on the functionality, style, design, and cost of the homeowner. For instance, a bathroom vanity that focuses on style may include leather-wrapped wooden doors, loop pulls and mirrors both made of leather. They are then accompanied by flowing vitreous china sink top and a hand-carved gilded mirror above with Italian Marble top with marble skink set in the cabinet with ornately carved doors. If the top priority of the homeowner is the practicality and function, then they might choose facet set high on the walls for reliable washing, a raised basin made from materials that are easy to clean with a scratch proof top using splash guard.

The discerning customer needs to be aware of the vanity heights. This is because most people end up with too small vanities, especially for adults. Thus, it is necessary to measure your space before making any vanity for your bathroom.

When the price is the deciding factor for your vanities, you may have to exchange marble, enamel glaze, hardwood, foil, polypropylene, acrylic, fiberboard as well as basic ceramic instead of Tuscan marble basin. The price of the homeowner should not compromise the style and aesthetic quality. There are many fantastic and unique reproductions and contemporary vanities that you can choose from. If you are hand, there are many home assembly kits available in the market for you, cheap bathroom vanities are always available in the market, and they will fit your budget perfectly. Bathroom vanities bring warmth to any bathroom. Hence it should be carefully considered as part of the home decoration plan.

Learn from the Pros

When you want to buy a new bathroom vanity, you should have your work cut out of you. Many things should be put into consideration. For beginners, the available bathroom decor dictates the style of vanity you should acquire. If it has a modern look, then you will be required to have a modern bathroom vanity.

Nevertheless, if your bathroom style is more of an antique, you will require an antique bathroom. You should also consider if you want a single or double basin vanity, the number of drawers you will need, and the placement of the vanity mirror.

Therefore here are some of the things you should consider when buying a bathroom vanity for your home.

Finding the correct bathroom vanity unit for your bathroom can be quite a difficult task, especially since there are hundreds of different designs that you can buy. However, when it is done well, then it can take away all the mess in your bathroom while incorporating a welcoming look to anyone that may visit.

Evaluating the feeling of your bathroom

First, you need to assess the impression that your bathroom gives and try to buy a bathroom vanity that incorporates it. For instance, if your bathroom is more elegant and antique, then wooden vanities will be a much better decision to buy. Although I try to make the bathroom vanity similar to my bathroom, I have noticed that some bathrooms will completely contrast with the vanity, and yet it looks much better than if it hadn’t. This can be confusing and can easily make you buy the wrong one, so I would just stick with keeping the bathroom vanity unit similar to the bathroom.

Next, you will need to think about the size of the bathroom vanity. Carefully measure the maximum amount of space the vanity should take up and also take the minimum measurements. The reason for the minimum measurements is because you don’t want to have a bathroom vanity unit that takes up too little space in a large bathroom.

Vanity Style

Bathroom vanities are made of different styles, as already discussed sizes and designs. Some of the typical styles include,

  • Wood
  • Antique
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Marble
  • Metal and glass

Each of these styles has its unique highlights and manner. However, the one thing you should steer clear is mixing, unlike styles. For instance, if you have a contemporary look in your bathroom, you should not try to make antique style vanity fit. You should match colors, styles as close as you could

Bathroom Vanity Sink Style

The most significant feature of a bathroom vanity is the sink; most vanities have sinks built into the top. Every vanity has a sink separately. Some are sunk into the top of the vanity as others are designed for sinks that settle off the top of the surface. The vessel sinks are the newest styles of bathroom sinks that are becoming more popular rapidly in homes. The sinks have a modern look, and they subsequently incorporate into the contemporary vanities. When you are shopping for a new bathroom vanity, you should ask yourself the type of sink you want. A modern bathroom vanity may not be able to handle the single sink

 Numbers of Sinks

An important thing should also consider the number of sinks you want. Double basin vanities are convenient and possible in a master bedroom. However, if you do not have a room for a double sink, then you have limited options. Therefore, before deciding on one or two sinks, always measure the amount of space available in your bathroom for a vanity. Then you can go ahead to shop around while comparing the size of single and double bathroom vanities to get what fits your bathroom.

 Shop Smart – Keep Everything in Mind

 When it comes to buying a bathroom vanity, you should keep your options wide open. However, this does not mean you should forget the space you have and the style of your bathroom. When you consider more details, you have better chances of selecting the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

When it comes shopping and purchasing a bathroom vanity, you need to keep your options open but consider the space you have and the existing style of your bathroom. The more details you consider, the better your chances will be of selecting the perfect vanity for your bathroom.


Finally, think about the functionality. My advice is to write down questions that you can ask yourself about every vanity. Things like: does it have enough cabinets? Or does it have too much? Is the window placing to your liking? Will I be able to use the cabinets and shelves effectively, so I don’t end up with too much extra space? Questions like these are vital to write down. However, one point to make is that if you come up with a sizable extensive list, then it will take ages before you find one that’s to your liking. So be flexible and ignore unimportant questions.

You could design your bathroom vanity and order it, which will save you time and get you one that hopefully you like. However, this is quite expensive and sometimes very unnecessary. Another cheaper alternative is to buy online. This has its faults too because of camera lenses and color contrast; it can make a vanity unit much more appealing than it truly is. Just remember whether you buy it online or design it yourself it should match your bathroom and your preference.

Finally, the first thing to consider when purchasing bathroom vanities and cabinets for your bathroom is the size of your bedroom. This will help you in choosing accurate measurements. You will have the vanities. When your space is limited, always select a single vanity. There are small vanities that do well in small bathrooms. However, if your bathroom is big enough, you can have a double vanity. In this way, two people can use the bathroom instantly without inconveniencing another. It also gives you extra space and looks good in a large bathroom.

The bathroom vanities are also available in a variety of materials. However, remember every material has its pros and cons. for instance, marble and granite need to be maintained well and should be protected from wet and mildew. Granite and marble look modern; however, they are heavy. Wood is good with its traditional decor, but it is susceptible to damage. Ceramic may go well with the antique look, and it is durable, but it does not incorporate with the modern setting.

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