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Marbles are one of the most used building materials used in homes, temples, churches offices. If you tell your interior decorator that you want your house to look elegant and royal, then he will immediately suggest the use of marble. Marbles are the synonym for the royal hood.

Marbles have been used for construction for centuries. One of the best examples to highlight the elegance of marble is the Taj Mahal. This beautiful wonder of the world was built using white marble. More than the look, marble also provides durability and longevity.

When we talk about marbles, we often see that it is used for flooring. Whether it is a commercial property or residential homes, marbles are preferred for flooring due to its clean look and durability. Although marbles can be expensive as compared to its substitute, it makes up with its durability and looks. You will find that most of the home and commercial places have marbles installed. This shows that the demand of the marble was always there and it is not going to fade at all.

If you want to give an elegant look to your house, then use marble for your interior and exterior decorations.

Popular uses of marble

Marbles are mainly used for kitchen and flooring. In this post, we will give you a highlight of how marble slabs Sydney are used in kitchens, flooring, and other places like temples, offices, gardens, etc.

Use of the marbles in Kitchens

Kitchen is incomplete if you do not use marble slabs Sydney. Marble slabs are mostly used in kitchens as countertops. Marbles are used because of its elegant looks as well as the tough feature it showcases. We all know that kitchens have to bear a lot of rough use, because in the kitchen we accidentally spill food, drop utensils etc. For this kind of rough use, marbles are referred to as countertops because it can endure everything.

Kitchen marble slabs Sydney comes in many varieties of colours and ranges. Depending on your choice, you can select the marble. If you are going for an all-white kitchen, when the cabinets are white as well as the countertop, then white marbles will be an excellent choice. You can also go for a duel colour combination, where your cabinets reflect a deeper colour like maroon and the countertop can be made of the white marble slab. This due colour theme of the kitchen is widely used nowadays.

Marbles are expensive, but for its elegance and durability, it is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Use of marbles in Religious places

Whether it is a temple, a church or a mosque, one thing which is common among all these places is the use of white marble slabs. Marbles reflect purity and this is the reason why it is used in religious places. In churches, mostly alters are decorated with white marble. Since marble slabs Sydney gives a clean and neat look, it is used for interior decoration in most of the religious places.

Marbles are being used for centuries for interior and exterior decorations. If you want to give an amazing look to your house, then do not forget to use marble slabs in your kitchen and bathroom.

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