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Porcelain tile has been a favourite flooring material in kitchens and baths for years. These tiles are made using denser clay compared to other types of clay and firing it at very high temperatures. This firing process hardens the tile and depending on the length of time and the temperature will result in how hard the tile will become and how impervious it will be to water. Ceramic tiles are not as hard as porcelain tiles since they made using lighter clay compared to porcelain tiles, also they are fired for a much shorter time.

Porcelain Tiles For Sale In Perth

What is it used for?

  • These tiles in Perth or elsewhere can be used as a flooring material or can be used on walls. The glazed version is favoured for bathroom walls. It has a low water absorption rate so it is ideal for areas that may potentially become wet.
  • These tiles are graded based on their hardness and the ability to resist water absorption. There is a scale that rates the Porcelain tile from zero to five with the hardest being five. The harder tiles are used in flooring applications while the lower-rated material is used as an electrical insulator is appliances and other electronic devices.
  • It is extremely chip resistant and is perfectly suited to be used on countertop surfaces, in many instances, porcelain tiles are not only more resistant to heavy impact stresses but it is much easier to care for. It does not require any special sealants or treatments and can be less absorbent than natural stone.

Best Types

The best types of floor tiles in Perth are generally the type that has reached the highest rating. Of course, lower grade tiles are perfect for certain applications such as moisture applications which include showers, bathtubs and pools. Usually, the lower-rated tiles are used on walls while the higher-rated tiles are used on flooring applications.

There are several considerations when choosing the right kind of tiles:

  • Outdoor applications will require frost proof tiles which is ideal for winter duration; these are the hardest rated tiles.
  • Look for an indication that it is a full-bodied tile. This means that the colour of the tile goes all the way through the tile and this will be the hardest tile. In flooring applications, this is really a necessity. Some are manufactured with only a glaze of colour; the glaze can wear over time (albeit a long time).
  • Porcelain tiles will not have the same design options that a ceramic tile has. The processing limit’s the designs that can be imprinted on the tile, so usually, it is going to be only of one colour. Whatever the application is there is one that will be the ideal product to use.


Porcelain tiles are expensive, not prohibitive in cost by any means but more expensive than ceramic tiles, but well worth the additional costs.

The cost will largely be dictated by the tiles rating and the colour or design of the tile. The size will also play a role in costs. Most home improvement stores will have a wide assortment of titles to choose from.

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