Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Do you own a small cafeteria? Or are you the owner of a big restaurant? The refrigerators and freezers must be a daily requirement of your life. It will help you to offer a better quality of food and service. It will also help in saving some money. Usually, the Commercial freezers Sydney are the most essential and widely used piece of gadget in the cafes and restaurants. It is a matter of considerable investment. So before you buy one, you must know what characteristics are you exactly looking for in the gadget. There must be some proper configuration that will help you to check the door, as well as other features of the freezer.

Checking the size

If you have a small cafeteria, then your menu list might not be that long. In that case, you don’t need to store much-frozen products. If the footfall is high, then you have to keep many things inside the Commercial freezers in SydneyThe elements include half-prepared food items too. You need to take them out and fry them without even thawing if you get an order the next day. So depending on your use and daily requirement, you have to select the size of the freezer. 

Get the right dimensions

A priority consideration before buying the Commercial freezers Sydney should be the storage space as well as the proportion of the unit. The calculation of the reach-in freezers happens in the format of sections and the cubic feet available for storage. But the shelf capacity and the pan capacity are perhaps, even more, critical than the cubic feet measurement a large area, but with the poor placement of shelves will ultimately not be of much help. But if the freezer has cleverly placed shelves within a smaller area, there will be no wastage of space. There must be enough free space that will allow air circulation and maintain adequate temperature. Before purchasing, decide how much physical space do you need to fulfil your requirements.

Location of the compressor

The compressors of most of the reach-in Commercial freezers in Sydneyare present either at the top or bottom of the setup. The top mounting will be more costly, owing to the high location. But the thing will get clogged quickly due to grease accumulation. So your maintenance cost will also be higher. In the cooler areas, the top mounting will be a good idea as it will pull the warm air of the room near the ceiling. If the room is already hot, then the absorption of further hot air will make it hard for the compressor to keep the freezer cold. The electricity consumption will be high too.

Consider the door system

You can get the Commercial freezers in Sydneywith single, double, and three doors too. With the addition of each section, the nit will get longer. So the choice of doors actually depends on the size that you need. Swing doors are trendy, which are of full length. There are half doors too that will swing open, enabling the separate use of upper and the lower sections. 

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