Tue, Sep 28, 2021

It is possible that you might have been suffering from the difficulty of hearing loss and have not taken a step yet. However, visiting an audiologist to get yourself diagnosed and treated is one of the best decisions that you can take. It signifies that you are willing to put your health first and have finally found the courage to stop being embarrassed about any kind of health issue and are ready to look after yourself.

There are several things to get the most out of your audiologist visit and things that you may be unsure of. Some of them are discussed below.

Being unsure

It is normal to be unsure about paying a visit to the audiologist the very first time. To get the best and latest treatment, you must look for some of the reputed and experienced audiologists in Orange and visit their clinics. The staff of an audiologist is highly trained and experienced to help you feel comfortable and not to face any problems. The staff is quite welcoming and lets you take the first step toward taking care of your ear health.

Be on time

It is not necessary that everyone is punctual and is good at remembering meeting schedules. However, if a situation arises that you get delayed or get stuck in a task that cannot be avoided then it is best to inform the audiologist’s office and behave responsibly.

Record of medical history

Whenever you visit an audiologist, it is advised to carry the medications that you are already taking. A record of your medical history will help the audiologist to draw references if any. Further, some medications can affect your hearing ability. So, the audiologist can have a look at them and can then advise you accordingly.


After the medical history has been discussed, there comes the time to undergo testing and the process is not painful. Some of the most common testing processes are:

  • Tympanometry

It involves determining the functioning of the eardrum or tympanic membrane. This test helps detect the presence of fluid in the middle ear or detection of a perforated eardrum. It can also help in knowing whether there is a blockage in the ear canal due to excessive wax formation. 

  • Otoscopy

This process refers to the visual examination of your outer ear canal or the eardrum. The examination is performed using a device called an otoscope. 

  • Audiometry

It involves bone conduction and air conduction testing and is carried out in the presence of an experienced audiologist and is aimed at determining the extent of your hearing loss. You are taken to a soundproof room and are made to listen to some sounds. You are required to raise your hand when you hear a sound.

To tackle the issues that you are facing, it becomes important to find a good audiologist in Orange so that you invest your time and money in the right place.



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