Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Tipper trailers are used for transporting bulk material which comes in individual pieces. It is used as an alternative for shovelling and hand unloading. It is very easy to operate. Tipper trailers are mostly used in the construction and mining industry. The tipper trailer is very flexible in unloading the material or goods.  Before purchasing the tipper trailer you must know some basic information about it. In this article let us discuss the application of the tipper trailer, advantages, and disadvantages.

Tipper Trailer: Tipper trailers are used as an instrument for tipping and are available in two different models. They are hydraulic tipper trailer and electric tipper trailer. Hydraulic tipper trailers are used for lifting heavy loads while electric tipper trailers are used for lifting lightweight objects. Hydraulic type provides the best performance related to unloading and tipping. 

The hydraulic tipper trailer requires less maintenance when compared with the electric tipper trailer.  It is recommended to buy a hydraulic tipper trailer in Sydney if you do not have any limitation in your budget. The operation cost can be reduced by using a tipper trailer. Before finalizing check the state regulation since some states have restrictions in using a few tipper trailer models. 

Buy hydraulic tipper trailer in Sydney which is made up of high-quality materials. If you are planning to buy a new tipper trailer then it is recommended to purchase it from a reputed brand with the best past records. Check the inner surface of the tipper trailer since it is very important.

During loading and unloading objects scratches may occur on the inner surface and also the surface exposed to outside weather may corrode. So discuss with an expert in that field about the concern. The maximum capacity of the tipper trailers, warranty, and insurance coverage are some of the other information which you must know.

The jockey wheel is an additional accessory provided along with the tipper trailer and it is attached at the hooking end. It is also used for balancing the trailer. Tipper trailer has two tyres and dual axles. If needed you can include the braking system to the axle.

Mechanical and electric are the two braking systems used in the tipper trailer. Based on the need you can select the braking system. Heavy duty and double plate folding are used for wheel rim. The hub of the tipper trailer is made up of super galvanized steel.

Additional Warning and Tips for the Buying Tipper Trailer:

  • To find the best price visit many shops. Get a quotation for the specific model and compare it. 
  • If you buy a tipper trailer for a very cheap rate then there will be both advantages and disadvantages to it. Sometimes the maintenance and the repair cost of the cheap tipper trailer will be very high. 
  • Check the insurance policy and warranty coverage of the tipper trailer which are needed during warranty and insurance claim. 
  • Check the customer service of the particular brand or the dealer from whom you are planning to purchase.
  • Drivers must be given special training before operating the tipper trailer.



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