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Solar bollards are the perfect way to light up the outdoors and landscape designs. They are simple to install and pretty inexpensive. They are also environment-friendly and they don’t pile up your electricity bills. With the evergrowing market of solar bollard lights in Australia, the innovations are flooding and it often means that the buyers get confused about what to buy and what not. Here are a few things that you must consider while buying the solar bollards in Australia.


There is a general principle to the solar lights-  Sunlight charges the battery during the day and the energy stored in the batteries powers the lights in the night. Solar lights with greater autonomy can stay lit longer.

The bottom tier solar bollard lights can stay lit only for a few hours because they come with cheap batteries. It will work well for tropical regions where sunlight is available consistently all year round. But anywhere else, it wouldn’t be much useful.

If you are looking for something for northern latitudes, you need solar bollard lights that have more autonomy. High capacity lithium batteries give better light by using their stored powers more efficiently for staying lit longer.

Power Storage

The power storage is the next thing after autonomy. Power storage measures how efficiently the solar bollard lights can convert sunlight into the charge in the batteries. Good power storage will fully charge the depleted batteries in no time and allowing it to operate effectively with a few hours of sunlight. Power storage is different from charging time. A solar light with a low battery capacity can charge quickly as compared to the bigger battery but the one with a high-capacity battery will store power better.


With IoT, everything is getting smarter. Solar bollards are no exception. The ‘not so smart’ solar lights will activate at the pre-set times and will be turned off when they run out of power. The smart lights have more advanced processors that help them adapt to the environment actively. It helps lights to adjust to the weather pattern by rationing energy, thus working more efficiently.


Solar bollards can’t bear some climates Moisture with extreme hot and cold weather can damage the poorly protected solar cells and batteries. In such conditions cheap commodity level batteries won’t live for long. Pick the lights with a high tolerance for these type of weather conditions and make sure the battery is replaceable. 

Luminous Flux

It is described as the amount of output of light the solar bollards can provide which is measured in lumens. Low-quality lights are very dim. LED can provide maximum lumen with less power but limited power resources restrict their capabilities as well. Cheap models can provide 100 lumens while a high-performance solar bollard can provide 120 lumens.

These are just a few among the many things you must consider from among many before buying the solar bollard light.



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