Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Have a monument built is a significant investment and should be carefully thought of before getting one. One should adequately plan and seek multiple suppliers who can help you with your ideal monument. Getting Chinese monuments is no different. Chinese monuments have much greater design details and styles that need to be incorporated. Whether you are looking for an immediate or a preplanned funeral, having a custom monument placed at the burial site is a possibility and always suggested in the remembrance of your loved ones.

Visiting your local monument builder can be a choice for many if they need a reliable source to help with your Chinese monuments. They would know the cemetery’s rules, size, and types of memorial that can be placed. Hence it would be ideal that you ask your local builders before purchasing the cemetery property.

A reliable Chinese monument builder will help you with custom designs, ideas and additional products such as lamps, vases, floral attachments, religious symbols, cultural values, etc. They will cover everything from plans to the installations so that you need not worry about your monuments.

Should you go for a pre-arranged Chinese monument?

Yes, in today’s time, more and more people are making plans and arrangements for a pre-arranged Chinese monument. This is because it can help one design their ideal monument well in advance regarding the style, shade and design preference. An experienced monument builder can help you with personalised designs that undoubtedly reflect your tradition’s beliefs and values. It can also help you save your monument’s cost as you would be paying for the amount as per the current scenario and not at the very end. This will also help reduce the burden on your family members to help you with the perfect Chinese monument you needed.

Choosing the Style of your Chinese Monuments:

A Chinese Monument can be available in multiple sizes, shades and styles. One can choose between flat, upright, slant and bevel markers that come with single and double monuments. Going for a slant or an upright monument would be much preferred as a falt monument as they lie flat on the ground could be hard to find in a cemetery.

Cost of the Chinese Monuments:

The cost of the monuments depends upon the size of the monument, what type of material is used, for example, granite, marble or other natural stone. Are there any additional inscriptions? And also the cemetery charges. Choosing flat monuments can help save on your budget but has the disadvantage that has been mentioned above. A Chinese monument can range between $500 – $10,000; it depends on what styles and form you choose to build your monument. 

Will your Chinese monument builder provide you warranty?

Most monument builders would provide you with a warranty based on your chosen materials for your projects. Make sure you select only a top-notch monument builder. They will use only quality materials to ensure the best warranty against any defects in the materials, artistry and installations. 

Get to know about the cemetery rules and regulations-

Cemeteries have different rules and regulations, and hence one should ask everything one needs to know before booking a cemetery slot. Ask what type of monuments and designs are allowed? Get to know about the guidelines and other policies. Ask about any size restrictions. Get to know about the maintenance, installation fee and if there are any add-ons present.

Getting answers to these questions will help you make your ideal Chinese monument for your loved ones or yourself at the best price without any additional stress or worries. Ask all your doubts and queries with your local monument builders, get a quote. Then also search online and compare quotes from multiple monument builders to help you get the best Chinese monument built that meets your budget.


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