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If you want, you can buy pillar style kitchen and bathroom taps for your home. These are suitable where you have two-hole baths, kitchen sinks, and bathroom basins. The pillar taps are supplied in pairs. In this case, one tap is meant for hot water and the other one is meant for cold water. The good thing about these is that they are cheap products. At the same time, they are easy to fit. They are also available with conventional lever handles or crosshead handles. 

Buying Monobloc mixer taps

You can also buy monobloc mixer taps for your kitchen sink, bath, basin, and bidet. 

In this case, the tapware in Sydney has a single lever would control the flow of hot and cold water. Therefore, you do not need to use different handles for hot and cold handles. The good thing with monobloc mixer taps is that they are rather neat. They are easy to control. These days, bathrooms have minimalist designs and you can use these taps over there. This is a great thing about them. Just like you would do with normal mixer taps you would have to check your water pressure before you fit them.

This is because the mono kitchen and bathroom taps will work properly when the pressure in your cold and hot water supplies is equal – more or less.

Buying bath shower mixer taps

A bath shower mixer tap would come with a diverter mechanism that would direct the water supply to the showerhead fitting. If you want, you can get a period look as well. All you need to do is mount the showerhead over the mixer tap in a telephone style. You can also fit the tap in a bracket on the wall which is next to the bathtub. 

Benefits of these products

The thing with such tapware in Sydney is that it is rather cheap. This is because you do not need a shower pump or extra plumbing as such. This is the ideal choice for homes that have families. The shower mixer fitting is a great option if you wish to wash your hair or bathe your children. However, it also needs to be stated over here that if the shower mixer taps need higher pressure for them to work properly. In case you are not sure about the hot water pressure you have you should get in touch with your local water supplier or plumber for advice in this regard.


You can also get pull-out spray mixer kitchen and bathroom taps if you wish to. This is also a lot like a shower mixer tap. The only difference, in this case, is a hose that can be extended. These are suited ideally for kitchens. This is because they have a pull-out dual spray head provides control that cannot be bettered. This comes in handy for purposes such as rinsing as well as removing food from the dirty plates. You would also find these taps in professional kitchens.   

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