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Many a time, people require trailers to transport materials and goods from one place to another or to store these goods. In such cases, tandem trailers or trailers in general, are the absolute requirement for you!

There are many things you need to know about tandem trailers if you are a first-time buyer. All of these things are primarily concerned with the purpose of the trailer and the vehicle that you intend to attach with it.

  • Payload: Your tandem trailer can carry a fixed amount of weight, and that is called payload. It is different from the trailer’s weight.
  • Tow ball load: The vehicle that you attach to your tandem trailers also have a fixed weight or mass they can carry. This fixed mass is called tow ball load (you know, because of the vehicle tows and all). If you have no idea what the tow ball load of your vehicle is then you can look through its user manual or guide. All the necessary information is always provided there.
  • Aggregate trailer mass: You need to know this because you must always know what your towing vehicle can handle. The aggregate trailer mass is the load of the trailer, combined with its maximum payload.
  • You must also remember that tandem trailers can hold a lot more load and bear through a lot more of the strain than the normal trailers.
  • Before buying a tandem trailer, you must also be sure of what kind of length and size do you want it to be; For example, if you are looking to carry goods and pieces of equipment, then a shorter length tandem trailer would be more suitable for you. However, if you are looking to use it for vehicles, then a longer length is required.  Not only does this ensure that your vehicle can handle high speeds but it also provides that it can efficiently manage all the necessary weight on it.
  • Tandem trailers are a more stable section of trailers when compared in the driving sector. They can manage the speeds and even make sharp turns, provided the weight, length and the payload is adequately maintained.
  • If you are low on budget and need to buy second-hand trailers, then knowing what kind of weight the previous owner had used to tow it also comes in handy. It shall give you an idea of whether the trailer can handle the payload you are planning to use and whether it will be the right one for you or not. (Or reliable under strain.)
  • You should also be sure of what kind of trailer you require – a galvanized steel trailer or a painted trailer. A painted trailer is suggested to you if you don’t think your vehicle will take any severe bumps or unmade roads during its travel. It is because if it does, then there is a fair chance that the paint will come off and you will have to repaint it again and again.  On the other hand, a galvanized steel trailer is just like any galvanized building. It is protected with a layering of zinc so even if you plan on taking your vehicle on any bumpy rides or worksites or you plan for it to do a lot of traveling during the monsoons, then this is the kind for you.

So you see, these are the basic things you need to know about tandem trailers before you go to buy them off yourself. Happy shopping!



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