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Building your granny flats will not only help you add extra space in your house by using the idle ones but will also add to the overall value of your home. A neatly maintained and well-planned granny flat or a granny plot will help you find an escape from the daily hassles of your life and that too inside your house only. You can curl up in your bed, read an excellent book, watch TV with your loved ones, focus on personal projects and growth, and the list of benefits can simply go on and on. However, you need to communicate about your ideas of designing or floor plans or what things or amenities you are willing to accommodate in your granny flat or granny pods to your granny flat builders in Sydney. This is vital because it is better to communicate clearly about your expectations rather than having any sorts of regrets or playing a blame game. 

Let us now have a look at the things that you should clearly communicate to your granny flat builder in Sydney. 

  • When it comes to building granny flats, the focus should be on optimizing the available space inside your house that is just kept idle. You should be keen on finding ways in which you can make the most out of your granny flats. Your granny flat should be in such a way that it helps you strike a balance between breathability, and neatly packed. The one that replicates the miniature version of your real house. Now the question arises whether you want to build a kitchen, family room, and washrooms, inside your tiny granny pods or not. However, suppose you have enough space that you can easily accommodate everything. In that case, you must seek help from a great architect to plan your floor designs in an efficient way. 
  • Talk to your granny flat builders that they keep your comfort as the first priority parameter. Comfort inside the house can come in many ways like easy navigation to your bathrooms, halls, kitchen, and other places that help you in increasing functionality within your home. For example, you can make a small toilet and bathroom inside the bedroom of your granny flat. This is advisable because granny flats are usually made for elders of the family to relax in their own house without having to go away from their children. Hence, to help them with easy access to the bathroom, you can absolutely help them out by increasing mobility with the help of easy navigation.
  • As you are well aware of the fact that granny flats or pods are extremely small in space, it becomes inevitably essential to plan smart storage choices. You should plan and opt for storage spaces somewhere that do not hamper your livability. Underneath your bed or sofas is one of the best and smart storage options that you can opt for. By choosing intelligent storage alternatives, you are also adding some additional space to store and keep your belongings safe in the places that are hard to see as storage spaces with naked eyes. You can also smartly use your area inside a granny flat in many ways. For example, you can get a dining tabletop that can mount back to the wall when it is not in use. 
  • Granny flats are all about the privacy of the old-age people, and you can simply not overlook the basic idea behind building a granny flat. You can get some windows in the bedroom that people can enjoy the serene view from. But these windows should be placed in such a manner that it does not affect the privacy of the residents of the granny house. Apart from this, windows in halls or living rooms are essential in order to allow the movement of fresh air and direct sunlight.  
  • Don’t get involved with complicated geometric designs, keep your systems, floor plans as simple as possible. The more you keep your designs simple, the more you will be left with additional space that you can use for the installation of smart storage options and other pieces of furniture. 

I hope this article would have helped you in knowing all the things that you need to communicate to your cheap granny flat builders in Sydney and to get your answers related to why it is essential for you to be the owner of the granny flat. 

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