Fri, Sep 24, 2021

If you have been planning to get the granny’s flat done at your property for the first time and not sure if that is a good idea or not then surely this is the right place where you have landed up. When you have a granny flat, you can use it for many reasons. It is more of an unused space that is rightly used be it for kids to play, for rent, or for the guests to have a peaceful stay when they visit you. It can be in any way that may be a building or a spate annex. It is attached to the house and sometimes as a separate granny flat in the same house itself.

The Construction To Be Known:

While looking for the Granny Flat in Epping, you need to understand that most of its construction is a separate building. It is built in the property garden. Some people often consider it to be a small bungalow that is all loaded with the essentials and with some great facilities like television and a living room and shower too. Moving further the size of this place can be created as per your choice. It again depends on different factors, which include your garden size, local authority planning, and whether you are in the conservative area, or not.

Factors To Be Considered While Building A Granny Flat:

When you finally decide to build Granny Flat in Epping there are some of the basic factors, which you cannot ignore, such as:

  • You need to get the authority or permission separately from the team who undertakes the construction and zone.
  • It is important to understand the annex size as compared to your main home size. You should not construct a granny flat of more than 50% of the total size of the property.
  • The building of such flat has to be separately constructed and be ancillary to the main building
  • The authority of the planning team should be informed about the use of the building and people who shall be using it.
  • The permission should be sought by only the family member who owns the house.
  • You need to understand the Granny Flat, the authority regulation can be different and might ask for different needs to fulfill the application. There might be many experts to help you understand the process but it is always better to do the research from your end. Your focus should be more on getting the authority done rightly instead of any complications. Take your time, go through the designs, and understand what is the possible way to make the use of your space, which has not been used rightly.
  • Now that you are pretty clear about the factors that play an important role in creating a granny flat, make sure you take every step extremely carefully. You must take time, speak with people who have built it, and then take the right action so that possible mistakes can be avoided and to get permission you will not have any problem.

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