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In this article let us discuss some useful tips for selecting the right monument. If you are planning to buy monument gravestones for the loved person then this article will be useful.

The history of monument gravestones starts from Jewish customs. It is used for honoring the dead person. The first important step in the purchasing of the gravestone is deciding the type. Gravestones are available in different types.

Some of the common and popular monument gravestones types are listed below.

Flat makers: The level of the flat maker gravestone is similar to the lawn. Flat maker gravestones are mostly made up of bronze or granite. If you want a specific color for the gravestone then the best option is granite.

Flat maker gravestone is affordable for all range of people and they are small in size. The average cost of a flat maker gravestone is approximately $300.

Upright headstone: One of the common types of gravestone is the upright headstone. This type of gravestone has two parts in it. They are the base stone and vertical stone.

Slant makers: Slant marker gravestone has a wide base stone and the headstone of this type will be tapered at the top. It is similar to the upright headstone type but it is shorter and thicker.

Bevel marker: Bevel marker gravestone is also known as a pillow marker. It is similar to the slant marker type but with less angle. The front marker will be of less height when compared with the backmarker.

Some of the other types of gravestones are obelisk, domed & gothic, and ledger marker. 

Each cemetery has certain rules and regulations so before purchasing the gravestone check the rules and regulation of the cemetery that you have selected. Some cemeteries allow gravestones only in bronze and granite.

Some cemeteries follow similar shape and size so enquire all the required details before selecting the gravestone. Engraving fully depends on size. Based on your requirements, select the supplier.

You must also fix the budget before starting your research. Another important thing is the material used for making the gravestone.

Some of the common materials used for making the gravestone are bronze, fieldstone, sandstone, slate, granite, marble and similar materials.

Sandstone does not last for many years so if your key preference is durability then do not select sandstone gravestone. People prefer mostly bronze and granite. Sandstone and granite are available in different colors.

If you want the gravestone to be attractive then the best option is the marble headstone because of the pattern. Some marble colors are more expensive so before selecting check the cost of the marble.

A gravestone is another important factor. Engraving in the sandstone fades quickly when compared with the engraving in granite.

Engraving in sandstone can last a maximum for twenty years but engraving in granite can last for more than 100 years. The cost of engraving differs based on the style. The average cost of engraving is $20 for one letter.

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