Sun, Sep 26, 2021

With the pandemic pushing everyone to work from home, there has been a paradigm shift in the idea of a workspace. While many have been forced to set up workstations at home, even offices have had to reorganize their traditional workspaces. New workstation installation work has started in many offices at the beginning of 2021 with many people starting to go back to work. In such a scenario, companies are looking for a professional to set up socially distant Office Workstations In Sydney and other parts of Australia. It is very important that you choose the right company to ramp up your workspace in the current times.

Tips for choosing the right company:

When you give a tender that you would like to revamp the office workstations in Sydney, there will be several companies that will come with quotations and proposals. 

Here are a few tips that will help you with the right service provider for your new workstation installation:

  • Degree of responsiveness:

 This is the first thing that you will notice—how quick are they to respond to your query. Was there a timely reply? Did they contact you quickly? Was there a prompt reply to your follow-up questions?

  • Clear cost estimation: 

In their proposal check the section thoroughly, where the cost estimation is done. Ask yourself if their cost estimate makes sense and if they have clearly laid out what they will do for you and how much that will cost.

  • Is the salesperson likeable: 

It is very important to build a good rapport with the sales executive if you are to get into a long-term relationship with the company. They are the face of their company and must be honest, proactive, organized, and considerate. If the salesperson is good, that speaks a lot about the company. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable communicating with them, especially when the stress levels hit the roof during the installation process.

  • Sharing the same vision: 

It is important that the workstation installation company shares the same enthusiasm about your vision as you do—only then will they be able to turn it into a reality. See if they can draw a clear picture of your office workstations in Sydney.

  • Lead time:

 Find out how busy the company professionals are, and if they are giving you accurate lead time. There is no point in delaying the project with incorrect timelines and deadline misses.

  • Subject matter expertise: 

Do you feel the salesperson has a fair knowledge of the installation process? Were they able to answer all your queries satisfactorily? You must ensure that the installation company knows how to install and assemble product lines.

  • Willingness to work as a team: 

Along with workstation installation, you might have other vendors looking simultaneously working on other projects like plumbing, wiring, masonry—make sure the installation company is willing to work as a team with everyone.

  • Price: 

Last, but no way least, it is important that the price that the company quotes fits into your budget.


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