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Finding the best high-quality seasonal employees can be challenging. However, when you start searching early and are willing to provide accommodations, you will find the job pool quickly opens up. You will have your pick of the best high-quality seasonal employees with the more benefits that you are able to offer.

Understanding Labor Law and Employee Benefits

The first thing that you should do if you want to hire seasonal employees and offer workers accommodation in Mount Isa is to look at the labor laws. You should familiarize yourself with these laws that are meant to protect employees. These laws lay out the foundation for what you can ask and expect of your employees. Hence, they help in setting minimum wages and outline specifics about overtime hours. Along with the job specs and the compensation that is required from them.

Seasonal employers have some additional labor laws to consider. The Department of Labor outlines specific types of jobs that minors who are aged fourteen and fifteen can work. There are parameters set which include that these employees can only be employed outside of the typical school hours.

What are Reasonable Accommodations?

Once you understand what you can expect from your employees, you might want to consider providing them with reasonable accommodations as part of their benefits package. Many employers find that by offering accommodations, they can really increase their pool of potential employees. This allows them to often have the first pick of the employees as well.

A Place to Stay

The most common accommodation is simply a place for seasonal employees to stay. These can be hotels that are near your business, a guest house, or even dorm style rooms which allow for multiple employees to share a space. The seasonal employees will enjoy not having to worry about their living space. Plus, they can save money which means that you can even offer lower wages that are still attractive. Some employees find that workers accommodations in Mt Isa can really up their game and allow them to have the best ski instructors, program and activities coordinators, and overall employees that are compassionate and caring with their guests.


Another accommodation that is often made is when the employer will provide some meals for their employees. Some employers have the space to host a cafeteria-like setting where they can provide all of their employees’ meals. Some offer a breakfast spread before work and lunch while their employees are working. Others offer a small daily stipend. Some provide just one meal. This is something that is completely up to you as the employer, but it is something to consider as it can make working for you more attractive than working for your competitors.


Finally, you might want to consider providing reasonable transportation for your employees. Reasonable transportation could simply mean a close location to buses and bus passes. This allows employees to move throughout town. It could mean a shared car or van with a procedure for checking out the vehicle. It could mean a transportation schedule that ran routes to work and other desirable points like the supermarket and shopping centers.

Keeping in mind what the employees are looking for will help you to be sure that they are happy. Happy seasonal employees mean that you can have the same employees year after year.  This works at the advantage of the company because additional training or certifications will not be required.

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