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Mumbai is the city of hustle and bustle and people here live a very busy life. Hence, amusement parks and entertainment destinations have got more attraction and demand. So, let us see some of the top amusement parks in and near Mumbai that you can visit to get rid of your busy life.

Snow World

Everyone among us must have been thinking of visiting cold places where we could experience snowfall. For Mumbaikars enjoying snow has now become easy because of the Snow World. Snow World is the most exclusive amusement park in Mumbai that will fulfill your freezing needs. Located in Kurla, the amusement park has a temperature as low as 10 degrees that will complete snow wishes of people of all ages. The park offers a wide array of sports and adventurous activities such as Ice-skating, Snow Falling, Skiing, Snow Sledding, Snow War Game, and more. This park focuses only on snow adventure as well as activities that make it different from other amusement parks. You can enjoy a handful of options for hot beverages that will give you some warmth in the snow park.

Della Adventure Park, Lonavala

Lonavala is the most preferred place for people of all age groups and irrespective of whichever season is going on, people do come here and enjoy in the lap of nature. Besides, the picturesque views and lush green mountain scenery, Lonavala also offers great places for adventure freaks and Della Adventure Park is one of them. Della Adventure Park is India’s Largest Extreme Adventure Park that offers 50+ adrenaline-pumping activities. The most thrilling activities include Della Gyro, Flying Fox, Rocket Ejector, Swoop Swing, Rappelling, Sky Cycling, Rodeo- Bull Ride, ATV 700CC Yamaha Raptor and much more. Additionally, the park has excellent management and before every ride, you will be guided nicely by the marshals over there. The park also has luxurious restaurants where you can enjoy lip-smacking food as well. So, visit this great amusement park near Mumbai and feel the real excitement and joy!


Situated in Lower Parel, this place is a great mixture of music, sports, and fine dining! Smaaash has spread across a huge area of 40,000 sq. ft.  Being the most notable amusement park in Mumbai, it offers a wide gamut of advanced and very unique sports activities. Visit this park and unveil the great experience of playing games such as X2 Motor Racing, Twilight Bowling, Hoopla Zone, and Goalie Guacamole, and more. It is the only park in Mumbai that has this amazing combination of real and virtual sports. Additionally, the delicacies from Bazinga Sports Café should not be missed at any cost. The café has large screens, a scrumptious salad bar, and an outstanding gaming zone. So, decide to visit Smaaash and make your weekend ever memorable with your friends!


These were the top three amusement parks in Mumbai that will undoubtedly make your trip very memorable and exhilarating!

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