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Tunable white lighting innovation is described as controlling the backlight brightness output of a light source. It is also known as variable white, dim to white, hybrid white, or other manufacturers’ custom temperature lighting. This is achieved by creating various colour temperature LEDs with the light bulb or lighting strip. The desired white colour can be selected anywhere between the available ranges, using a remote control or external control device. Connect with the best Lighting Consultant to avail more designs and a range of LED lights.

Flexible LED Lighting

The best lighting metrics have proved to be the regulation of colour temperature. This combination would add warmth to the lives of customers. The tunable light spectrum can monitor both ways of lighting-they can dim light during the daytime to give a cool-tone when the brightness of natural light is already high. Likewise, the light spectrum becomes vivid and warm colours during the nighttime.

Standard LED light bulbs do not allow a consumer from cool to warm to regulate the colour temperature. To produce a flat and less colourful effect, they dim the sun. However, LEDs have become possible to monitor colour and temperature with LED chips’ evolution and packages to add cosiness and comfort to the environment.

Health Impact of Tunable Lights

Mimicking natural lighting as near as possible is the main framework of tunable lights. This helps regulate the development of circadian rhythms and melatonin in the human body, reducing various diseases, and improving productivity levels. The ability to monitor diseases such as insomnia, depression, and other neurological conditions with tunable lighting is widely advocated. There is no solid evidence of that, however. Professional Lighting Consultants in Dubai will clearly tell you about the health benefits of these types of LED lights.

Support Your Natural Circadian Rhythms

Dynamic lighting will enhance the mood, the quality of your sleep, and raise your energy levels. Human-centric tunable lighting is capable of mimicking the sunlight indoors with changes in temperature and intensity.

Why does anyone want sunlight to imitate it? Well, the vast majority of people operate exclusively indoors. Our circadian rhythm, our internal clock that guides our physical and mental activity in response to light and darkness, is influenced by this lack of light from the sun and affects our sleep habits, which can make us exhausted and cranky the next day.

Linking Tunable Lighting to Wellness

In certain systems, the variations in colour temperature settings could be easy to detect. The health benefits that many producers say are, however, more difficult to define.

By mimicking sunlight, most lighting consultants strive to make tunable lighting as natural as possible. The aim is to monitor circadian rhythms and melatonin development, which have ties to health and wellness, by matching the light during the day.

Taking a giant step forward with CCT LED technology, tunable lighting allows you to adjust or tune a lamp or luminaire’s colour temperature for the job at hand, the time of day. You can dial-in the colour temperature you want within the range provided by the mounted lamps using a hand-held remote or lighting control panel. This versatility is not allowed even by CCT fluorescents.

Before hiring any Lighting Consultants in Dubai check all references and clear out all the benefits of using LED lights for home or office space. 

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