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Those who dedicate memorials and cemetery monuments for their loved ones do so because they find the need to honour the deceased. While it is the use of stones as that of marble or granite that makes up such monuments, there is a lot of planning that goes into ensuring that things are in place and there is a good dedication made.

Despite all the measures being taken to come up with perfect marble monuments headstones, nature plays a very significant role in preserving it for long. There are times when there is a negative impact on the guarded area that leads to soiling, which often gets difficult to clean up.

Here are some of the things that lead to dirtying or soiling of the monument and needs of which none of it can be controlled.

Dirt splatters:

During the rains, mud splatters from the sides of the enclosed area and is often strewn on the top of the marble monuments headstones. Loose dust, soil as well as mud can make it look terrible and spoil the aesthetics. The first thing to notice at such places, especially when you come here frequently is the dirt splatters, which is something that isn’t appealing.  There is nothing much to be done to control this as it is a natural phenomenon.

Growth of mould and mildew:

Excessive moisture in the air and improper sunlight can often lead to the growth of organisms as that of mildew, mould, lichen or probably any other form of harmful bacteria that dwells in moist areas. It could be so that the monument is guarded with plants and trees preventing the entry of sunlight. That is when there is the growth of such organisms which ruin the look of the marble monuments headstones anytime soon.

Bird droppings:

With marble monuments headstones placed under large trees get protected from the effects of nature, there are bird droppings and other animal secretion that ruins the look and aesthetics of a marble monument. Looking at white and black splatters everywhere is not easy, especially when there is a certain place dedicated to your loved ones and is being dirtied. While you cannot control bird droppings, cutting down a few branches or two from the trees alongside can lessen the bird droppings.

Salt Damages:

If the graveyard is along the seashore or probably a few metres away from the sea/ocean, there are high chances of the marble monuments headstones getting damaged with salt accumulation from the air. There is nothing much you can do to prevent it. There would always be saltwater blowing, and the air would always be salty. This would result in salt residue for the stone coverings.

Cleaning the monuments every once in a while is generally the task of the graveyard authorities, or sometimes family members also come along to help clean up space. Well, it eventually is a place dedicated to the loved one any kind or external disturbances shouldn’t be entertained. While the laws of nature cannot be tamed, taking measures to be in sync with it and clean up afterwards is important.

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