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Do you want to beautifully decorate a personal plot or terrace in front of the house, but not to clutter up space? Then it is wise to build a pergola. In simple terms, a pergola is a lightweight but sturdy construction, such as a canopy or arch.

Traditionally, the material for pergolas was wood. Supports and cross beams are first treated with a special composition that protects the wood from moisture and damage. Then the wooden supports are installed in special places, which are firmly attached to the concrete base. Then, transverse beams are screwed to the supports. In addition, pergolas can also be metal. This is either forged, openwork designs, or made by welding. If you have a large garden or want to decorate it in the style of the renaissance, pergolas with stone pillars are suitable for you. Such pergolas, entwined with ivy or grapes, were popular.

The modern design involves the use of aluminum and metal. For example, the lamella roof type blinds are made from ductile aluminum. This design is very lightweight, easy to install. Pergolas can be attached directly to the wall of the house without the use of supporting poles. Pergolas in Penrith possess precisely these qualities and will make your outdoor cozy.

  • Benefits of Pergolas
  1. Simplicity and ease of assembly

Pergola production will take 3 – 7 days, and it will be set up in just 8 – 12 hours, depending on the size of the structure. At the same time, you will completely avoid dust, dirt, and multi-day noise.

  1. Installation

The construction of a pergola does not require preparation of the foundation, which significantly reduces the cost of the product and reduces installation time. An aluminum pergola is installed on a minimum foundation of 300 x 300 cm under each pillar and is also easily integrated into any existing structure.

  1. Mobility

Another advantage of aluminum pergolas is its mobility. Moving of pergolas can be done without any problems. Even if you sell the house, you can take your favorite terrace with you and install it in a new place. Such mobility does not apply to either a wooden or brick terrace. If necessary, the pergola can be collected for the winter.

  1. Operation

Custom-made pergolas have the highest performance. The system is stable with winds. The sliding tent roof and the roof with swivel slats are waterproof even at a rainfall level.

  1. Material

High quality extruded aluminum is not susceptible to rot and rust. It has a lighter weight, even compared to wood, and at the same time is characterized by high strength and increased resistance to high loads and abrasion. The supporting parts are coated with a special powder coating, which provides additional corrosion protection.

All of the above benefits have made the pergola a very high-quality and cost-effective option for arranging a terrace, which will delight you for many, many years. You may opt for the pergolas available in Penrith, which are of high-quality and will serve you for many years.

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