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It is the challenge for many house owners to design their kitchen cabinets like an expert. Whether it is about hooks, cubbies, shelves, or front glass cabinet or a combo of all these; everything must be precise to give the kitchen a flair look. According to the kitchen designers in Eastern Suburbs, a customised touch with unique features are going to get a simplistic, functional, and aesthetic look to the kitchen.

Cabinets play a crucial role in kitchen designing and upkeep. It is why that not only the house owners but also the designers consider this to be an area of experimenting. Professionals believe that the choice and the selection are two different parameters when it comes to kitchen cabinets. At times the choice might not go with the need. In such cases, one should always stress on the requirement. According to the professional cabinet makers in Eastern Suburbs, the design and the style of the cabinets are primarily defined by the interior and the available space in the kitchen.

The coming year is believed to bring in variation in the styling and designing of cabinets. The experts say that the following can be the trends for the year 2020 that might go popular–

3-Tier Cabinet with Oldie but Goodie Touch

It is expected that the classic touch might return yet again. Therefore, for the upcoming year, the cabinet makers are preparing for the classic looking three-tier cabinet that houses utensils, utility boxes behind a designer glass. In addition to this, the provision of keeping the coffee mugs and beer glasses on the hook might look mind-boggling. The kitchen designers in Eastern Suburbs are looking forward to this as hope. This classic, open shelf concept is undoubtedly going to give the space a glamorous look. 

3-Tier Office Home Style Shelves

This type of design is considered to rock the year 2020. With plenty of space available to store and keep items, this office-home style shelves would help to keep the kitchen space not only spacious but also functional.

According to the cabinet makers in Eastern Suburbs, this style can pick up the likes of the people because of being functional and beautiful. It is seen that such designs have boosted the productivity of the kitchen as well.

Modern Open Kitchen Storage System

This design, contrary to the other two, might be on the top of the priority list. Experts believe that this can be the top pick for the house owners who have limited space. Since this open kitchen storage system breaks all the shackles of boxes and cabinets, making space look large, the kitchen designers in Eastern Suburbs are relying on this because of the beguiling look.

It is believed that this design would be perfect for the homeowners because of its ability to provide a spacious open feel.


Whatever be the design that would make the headlines, a house owner should always choose based on the budget, durability, and ease of maintenance. Selection should always match with the theme and complement the interior; then only the kitchen would look beautiful.



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