Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Concrete floors have become immensely popular, especially in industrial and residential places. The colourd concrete is nowadays mostly preferred element for many people. Due to its high strength, durability and affordable cost, concrete paving slabs, slabs and paving stones are becoming more and more popular with developers, construction companies, and landscaping services every day. For driveways, the slab will make the place anti-slip. Go for coloured concrete for the driveway as it is highly advantageous.

The advantages of coloured concrete that every person notes for themselves are: an individual approach to the territory, quality, durability, the ability to choose a non-standard type of coating. The coloured composition can imitate stone, marble, granite, and other natural surfaces. Also, the scope of coloured concrete began to expand. And now one can easily make a driveway using coloured concrete.

Coloured concrete is obtained by mixing in the composition of colouring pigments, allowing to obtain a uniform colour throughout the thickness of the product. Steps, borders, columns are made from the resulting mixture, the facade is moulded with stucco decoration, and beautiful sculptures (including garden ones) are created. Also, it produces a spectacular and durable paving slab that does not slip.

Coloured concrete, when compared with ordinary concrete, significantly, exceeds the latter in all technical indicators. In particular:

I. It is resistant to cold and heat, maintaining the temperature range up to 50 degrees Celsius (both in the positive and negative directions). The number of freezing cycles he has is at least 300.

ii. Resistance to bending, compression, abrasion, and impact loads is also at a high level.

Iii. Antistatic properties – decorative concrete surfaces practically do not attract dust.

iv. A driveway made of coloured concrete does not slip.

v. Absolute neutrality to fats, alkalis, petroleum products, acids, and other “chemistry.”

vi. Resistance to ultraviolet rays is exceptionally high. The surface does not fade.

To possess all these qualities, coloured concrete must have a layer of at least 3-4 centimetres, and also be made according to specific standards, involving the use of high-quality components.

And today several technologies have been developed and are being applied to obtain the coloured surface of concrete paving products. Among the most famous are:

Surface painting with abrasion-resistant compounds;
The addition of dyes in the manufacture of products by vibrocasting;
Layer-by-layer design of tiles and pavers using vibropressing technology;
The use of coloured cement.

Thanks to these developments, the demand for coloured concrete has increased many times, and now they are confidently gaining a leading position among materials for road and pedestrian surfaces.

They also have the best protection against any stains. This is the reason why it is best for commercial applications. Concrete does not leave any scratches or marks. Once you consider having concrete floors in your home, you should be prepared to have enough light inside. The shiny surface is going to absorb light.

We can conclude by saying that the coloured concrete for a driveway is useful to be it in a residential or commercial setting. It will make your driveways free from slippages and also protection against stains.


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