Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Thinking of renovating your bathroom this year and giving it a new look? Well, 2020 has seen a transformation in bathroom trends and people are choosing for new creative options. This article gives ideas in keeping your bathroom in style while at the same time saving your money.

Here are some of the top bathroom trends in Sydney to checkout:

  • Get creative with your bathtubs and washbasins:

Bathtubs and washbasins are one of the most used bathroom accessories in our day to day life. Keep your bathroom in vogue with chic and classy designs that never go out of style. Bring in some classic designs and a mixture of the basics. Let the bathroom designs in Sydney be a reflection of your culture. Some of the popular bathroom Sydney interior designs include asymmetrical shapes and natural designs. Rearrange the placement of the bathtubs and sink in your bathroom. The ideal and convenient places include bathroom corners or wall-mounted. If you are looking to give your bathroom a natural and rugged look, then use materials like marble, granite, natural stone, and other similar materials.

  • Striking bathroom fittings:

Fittings can add charm and class to the overall bathroom look. They are one of the most prominent bathroom accessories which stand out from the rest. Choose eye-catching bathroom fittings in Sydney. It could be made of materials such as glass, metal, Stainless Steel, and brass. The trendy ones this year are highly polished with gold finishes, copper, metal plating, etc. Enhance the look with vanity features and storage facilities.

  • Graceful colours:

Bathrooms are incomplete without the right touch of colours. Flaunt mixes of bold and subtler colours to give it the finished look. Match colour hues with designed textured tiles of similar matching colours to give it vibrancy and make the bathroom dynamic. Bathroom tiles are in trend this year as well. It is a timeless bathroom must-have addition.

  • Open showers:

These days Showers serve multiple functions. It does not just feature streaming water jets, but also comes with LED lighting, anti-fog systems, massage therapy, and more. Add-in the bathtub to the space to give the ultimate showering experience. Install glass walls for transparent shower curtains that make your bathroom appear more wide and spacious. Set up special features for drainage of the soap residue and shower water so that the bathroom looks clean and well maintained. The best shower option is the open style Italian showers that make the bathroom in Sydney elegant.

  • Bring a touch of mother nature to your bathroom interiors:

Nature has always had a soothing and calming effect on man. Experience the full effect of nature with Botanical and greenery printed bathroom tiles. It makes you feel surrounded by nature. Setup potted plants if you are looking for real live plants to refresh the air and purify it. Enjoy the full view of your lush and vibrant Gardens with full-size glass Windows that gives you unobstructed beauty all around.

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