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Carpets covering the floor often accumulate dust and dirt and are exposed to bacteria and allergens. Thus, it is important to ensure that carpets are cleaned at regular intervals, the recommended interval being twelve to eighteen months. Once carpet cleaning equipment began gaining prominence in the market, companies started offering truck mount carpet cleaner for sale.

What is it?

A truck mount carpet cleaner is a cleaning unit used for both carpets and upholstery. They are usually mounted to the base of a trailer or van. It uses the hot water extraction method of cleaning. The operator parks the vehicle near the premises and connects two hoses to the machine and brings it from the mounted unit into the building. A buffer or carpet cleaning wand is also connected to the end of the two hoses.

Truck mount carpet cleaner for sale comes with several specifications. It is important to look into its technicalities and ensure that the product a cleaning industry is purchasing meets its requirements.  Whether it is a new business or an established business, companies offering a truck mount carpet cleaner for sale often make certain that they cater to every type of set-up and are reliable.

Provides benefit to both clients and operators.

This machine has a lot of advantages over the traditional portable equipment. They run on diesel or gas, unlike the portable machine which runs on electricity. In addition, the suction capacity of truck mount equipment is much more than that of the portable equipment. As a result, they are able to extract deep grime and grunge from the carpets. Their heat exchanger is able to raise the water temperatures to much higher levels. Lastly, it is less time-consuming than portable equipment because the waste tanks, solutions, and accessories are attached to the vehicle and do not need to be carried to and from the cleaning area during the service. Thus, a truck mount carpet cleaner for sale is quite an attraction to professional carpet cleaning businesses. The manufactures of these machines are increasingly trying to use LPG instead of gas or diesel which is usually used in these truck mount equipment.

As has been mentioned earlier, a truck mount carpet cleaner does not use the client’s hot water or electricity. These machines also come with a fitted water tank so that the operator is able to take away the dirty water and the customer does not have to clean up after the operators have left.

Why do portable carpet cleaners still hold a huge market share?

Although manufacturers have been offering truck mount cleaner for sale since the early 1980s, portable carpet cleaners are still preferred to them. This is due to the fact that truck mount cleaners are way more expensive and need to be used daily for it to be cost-effective. In addition, it is easier to use portable cleaners in high-rise buildings and buildings where the door cannot be kept ajar for long durations due to security reasons. Thus, it can be concluded that a truck mount cleaner is only a feasible investment depending on the scope and size of the carpet cleaning business.


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