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Due to rapid urbanization and commercialization, thousands of high-rise multi-storeyed buildings coming up. As a result of which our cities are turning into a concrete jungle. Hence, the need for fire safety and protection is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is commercial spaces or residential buildings, having proper fire safety systems in place is imperative for the safety and security of life and property. As per the norms laid down by the Australian Government, proper fire protection systems need to be installed by all building owners and project developers. Fire Alarm and Sensing systems in Sydney & NSW are the main fire protection devices that are installed in any office or residential premises. Let’s find out more about these fire alarm systems.

What is Fire Alarm Systems?

These are systems that involve a combination of devices to make us alert of an emergency so that we can take necessary action to protect ourselves and escape in time. These fire alarms are usually installed in all types of residential, commercial, and public buildings. They are very much a part of things that we see daily and overlook. But their real importance and use come to the fore in case of an eventuality. These fire alarm systems detect use a variety of detection mechanisms and thereby trigger an alarm. The shrill alarms warn the occupants of any building to know of imminent danger and evacuate as soon as possible.

Types of Fire Alarms :

Fire Alarm Systems in Sydney & NSW can be categorized based on the detection techniques as listed below:

  1. Heat Detectors: these fire alarm systems trigger the alarm when they detect the heat from the fire. They go off when they detect a temperature exceeding a pre-set value.
  2. Smoke Detectors: these fire alarm systems go off when they detect any smoke. This is the most common type of detection technique followed by fire alarms and is the most preferred and widely used.
  3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: these fire alarm systems trigger upon detecting a certain level of CO in the air. The level of CO is set as per recorded levels of CO released during combustion.
  4. Multi-Sensor Detectors: combine both heat and optical sensors to detect a fire outbreak and trigger an alarm. These are more sensitive and accurate due to the sophisticated algorithms they use.
  5. Manual Call Alarms: these alarm systems have manual call points with alarm switches which in the event of a fire can be triggered by personnel upon breaking the glass and triggering the alarm.

Fire Alarm Systems: a must-have :

With evolving technologies, various new sophisticated fire alarm and smoke sensing systems are being developed. Right from old conventional systems to advanced wireless systems you can now get all types of Fire Alarm and Smoke Sensing systems in Sydney & NSW. Wait no more and fulfill the legal obligation as well as your moral responsibility of keeping your people secure. Whether you are a residential project developer or a business owner, Fire Alarm Systems are a must. Consult a Fire Safety expert near you today and get yours installed.

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