Sun, Sep 26, 2021

If you are associated with import or export business, or any other business-centric area, you know the importance of packaging. Whether you are selling food items or medical products, if the products are not properly packaged, they will not retain their freshness for a long time. Fungal growth is quite common if some food items come in direct contact with air. Therefore, learning more about the different kinds of Packaging Supplies In Sydney is important if you want to take a quick look at the available options. 

The first one is paperboard boxes:

Paperboard, as understood from the name, is a paper-based material. It is light in weight and strong. You can easily cut and manipulate the box to create customised shapes and structures. So, you can use the boxes in personalised packaging. 

  • These boxes are made using turning fibrous materials, which will come from wood or any recycled waste paper into pulp and then get to bleach it. 
  • Moreover, you can purchase these paperboard boxes in multiple grades, and each one is suitable for various packaging requirements.

Corrugated box:

Another interesting option under the packaging sector is the corrugated box. It is also noted as the common cardboard box. These boxes are mainly used for large shipping, storage and even shoe boxes. So, if you are associated with any of these businesses, then a corrugated box is the one for you to consider.

  • The raw material used for manufacturing these boxes is mostly recycled paper. It is made on higher precision machines, also known as corrugators. 
  • This form of the board can be recycled or reused and as a source of pulp fibre.
  • There are different types of applications associated with corrugated boxes, and those are smaller consumer goods packages, pizza delivery boxes and more.

Plastic boxes:

You can see proper plastic usage in various products. Right from the paper clips to spaceships and more, there are loads of options available. Some of the traditional materials like glass, ceramic, leather and wood have already been replaced by this plastic material. Nowadays, you can use the use of this material for manufacturing packaging supplies Sydney as well. 

  • Here, you have the liberty to use recycled plastic sheets for manufacturing these boxes.
  • These boxes are way more durable when compared to paperboard boxes.
  • If you want, you can aim for airtight plastic packaging containers, which will help in preserving food quality and eliminate contamination issues.

Rigid boxes:

Well, you have seen the use of these boxes while purchasing a new phone. It is one such cardboard type, which is not quite like a solid cardboard piece because of its premium appearance and durability. 

  • This form of box is made using a high condensed paperboard, which is around 4 times thicker than paperboard as used to construct standard folding cartons. 
  • When compared to the options mentioned already, rigid boxes are the most expensive form of the box style. These boxes do not need dies, which are expensive or massive machinery. They are mostly hand-made.

So, waste no time and get the best packaging supply for your use!


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