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If you think that a staircase is just designed to transport you from one level of a place to another, then you need to rethink. It’s more than a point of circulation in your home and can turn your house to be of real value if it’s designed in a marvellous way. Modern staircases not only give a dramatic statement to your entire house but the space below them can even be used to stow the clutter and old gears. From suspended to floating and metal to timber the diversity of the staircases will keep you totally awestruck. If you too want to have a designer staircase that can elevate the look of your home then finding an experienced and skilled staircase builders Sydney should be your first priority. 

They understand the layout of the house and accordingly suggest your designs of the staircase that can become the focal point of attention. A professional builder will be able to install the staircase according to the theme of the house. It is essential that the stairs are compatible with the design of the house. Otherwise, they will stand out and may overshadow the appeal of the home. The staircase should look like it is a part of the house. Below we are listing some of the most designer staircases that you can opt for your house.

Winder stairs:

These are mostly L-shaped staircases where there is no option for landing. These stairs are in a continuous sequence, and they take a wedge-shaped appearance as they turn. They are not used as the main staircase in the house but are preferred as the second set of designer staircases in our home. They have been in trend recently as people like the unique look tat it gives to your home. These can be the best option in smaller homes that don’t require much maintenance. 

Spiral stairs:

These are considered perfect for compact houses where there is a shortage of space. Many people even consider it as a sign of novelty in their home. It consists of a central post on to which all the other radiating steps are nicely attached. They can be often found in the beach houses. But the main drawback of a spiral staircase is that it can be used only by one person at one particular time. It might even restrict the movement of the harder objects that are large in size and need space to be taken up and down from the staircase.

Ladder stairs:

This is also a suitable choice for small residences that have tighter spaces. It can be built in different varieties but are often not considered an ideal option for the main staircase. They mostly have taller steps which might make them difficult to climb with ease. But these staircases can be a handy option for reaching the upper shelf of an extensive bookcase or compact spaces.


The role of staircases in the appearance of the house is much higher than we realise. We need to understand the compelling requirement of professional and experienced staircase builders in Sydney. It is essential to evolve with the time and designer staircases Sydney is part of new house trends.

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