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Underpinning Process

Underpinning is where the foundation of a building is strengthened before any remodeling is done. In all projects that require the use of these existing structures and buildings, this is a significant part that cannot be left behind. There are different types of underpinning, and therefore, one requires to know the best method they can use for these buildings. You can find the best underpinning in Coogee, where experts are highly trained in the field.

Before deciding on the plan, you need to consider a few things. These include how long the structure has existed, the original materials that built the structures, how stable it is, among others. 

Below are some of the reasons why underpinning has become necessary in Coogee:

  1. If there is a change in the underground soil found in the foundation.
  2. If the soil properties were not adequately recorded or considered during the initial design phase.
  3. If the foundation is not strong
  4. If there were any constructions nearby that act as a threat to this building

Types of underpinning:

Mass concrete underpinning:

This is known to be the oldest method of underpinning. It involves replacing the soil under the foundation by replacing it. After this, concrete is then poured. A box sequence is used to determine the parts in which concrete is to be put. This is to ensure that the new foundation being placed will not be tampered with. This method creates another foundation over the old foundation. It strengthens the current building. 

Pile underpinning:

This is done if the soil layers are not strong enough to bear the load above them. And also if there is limited access to the construction site. Pile categories include driven piles, drilled piles, and jacked piles. These loads are then transferred from the existing structures to the foundation.

Jet grouting:

This is the creating geometry of grouted soil by the use of a high-velocity jet of cement grout. This is used to create columns of grouted soil. In this case, the soil characteristics give the end product. Jet grout is an effective method of underpinning since it can easily be used for different types of soils.

Geo-polymers solutions:

This process is done through the use of a geo bear. This technique uses chemical expansion pressure to increase the capacity of the underlying foundation. This method is said to be most effective as well as having a substantial effect on the soil being used. They give final results in less than fifteen minutes, whereas other projects will be take days to complete the process. The curing process makes the foundation strong. This is why it is known to be the best method used by alo0t of contractors when it comes to underpinning.

The method type you choose for underpinning should favor you and the construction you are repairing. You would not want to have something that will make your repairing process hard. This will ensure that the results as well are one to crave for. With this kind of information, the repairing process for any existing structures should not worry you at all. 


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