Mon, Sep 27, 2021

There are wide varieties of cheap taps available. The taps are available at different rates. The price of the tap depends on the material, working method, finish type, and outer look. The quality of the cheap taps will be less when compared with the costly taps. The main problem with most of the taps is leakage and drips. There are four main varieties of taps available based on the working method. They are ball tap, compression tap, washer tap, and cartridge taps. In this article let us discuss the working method of each type of taps in detail. 

Compression type taps:

The compression tap is the olden type and is commonly used by most of the house owners. But they Create lot of problems and it should be maintained properly. In this type the washer and the nut move vertically and maintain the water flow. In this type the house owners should have separate taps for hot water and another tap for cold water. The washer used in this type should be replaced because the continuous movement and sometimes even the rubber sealer used as ring in it should be replaced. This type of taps is cheap when compared with other type taps. 

Ball-type taps:

Normally single lever model is used for this type of taps. Rounded caps fit in the top of the tap. This type of tap is also known as a mixed tap since both hot and cold water can be supplied from this same tap. The balls inside the taps control the flow of the water. Based on the rotation of the ball it regulates the flow of hot and cold water. Ball and the valve seals must be replaced in this type of tap. Spare parts are available and you can use that during replacement or repair. 

Disk Taps:

The body of the disk taps is in cylinder shape and it normally has a single handle on the top of the tap. This disk tap has two disks made of ceramic and also it has holes in it. The movement of the disks aligns the holes in correct position to regulate the flow of water. The water passes through the holes. Disk taps are easy to handle. They are extremely durable when compared with other types but once repaired the whole tap should be replaced. They need high maintenance because the holes will be regularly blocked with dirty particles or other foreign particles. So the taps should be cleaned regularly.

Cartridge taps:

This type of taps look similar to the disk type but the internal assembly is different. The twisting of the internal cartridge allows the water to flow. This tap has single and also double handle you can choose based on your requirement. If the internal parts like cartridge and springs are damaged then it can be replaced with the new one. In case of continuous problem contact a professional plumber to rectify it. 

There are different brands of taps available, so it is always recommended to select the best brand taps even if the price is little high when compared with the other brands.


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