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One of the quickest and best approaches to restore the appearance of your smile is by getting your teeth whitening done. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment done by your dentist in Bondi, which is a safe, easy, quick, and efficient way that permits the colour to be restored to the teeth that have lost their shade. It barely has any negative impacts, for example, if any sensitivity is observed, it vanishes in a couple of days and causes no harm to the tissues that make up the tooth, like enamel. 

These are some of the scenarios in which your dentist in Bondi may ask you to get  teeth whitening done:

  • Teeth getting Brownish-yellowish in colour due to aging.
  • Teeth stained, or darkened by the deposits of food-colour from your eating routine such as coffee.
  • Moderate tetracycline darkening.
  • Root canal teeth.

The procedure to get your teeth whitening in Bondi done from a professional dentist- 

At first, the dentist will perform a clinical test where it will survey the shade of your teeth and research the reason for the changes in the shading of your teeth, considering harmful routines like smoking or food in your eating routine. According to the information gathered your dentist in Bondi will suggest the most suitable sort of teeth whitening for you, considering your requirements and expectations from teeth whitening in Bondi

Types of Teeth Whitening in Bondi-

Interior teeth whitening: These are usually performed on teeth that have darkened after endodontic (root canal treatment), and its goal is to reestablish the colour of a particular tooth. Do note that this procedure is only done on teeth that were treated with endodontic. They are performed in the dental clinic itself and require multiple sessions, it is easy and painless, and sedation is not required.

Mixed teeth whitening: This procedure combines the dental whitening done in the clink along with home whitening. It is highly suggested that you get the treatment done in the centre for complex cases. 

In-office teeth whitening: This kind of teeth whitening procedure is the most advanced, innovative, and proficient methodology in which the best outcomes are accomplished in a dental session that usually lasts less than an hour. For this, your gums are first ensured with a special gel. Then, the teeth whitening gel is applied, the faster results are obtained thanks to advanced and innovative technology by using a focused LED light. 

After getting your teeth bleached, your teeth whitening dental specialist in Bondi will suggest not drinking refreshments that contain colours or food that may lead to staining of the teeth. During this period, the teeth can get stains that can be brought about by food and beverages. A few habits should be halted for at least 10 days after treatment. For instance: Try not to smoke or drink caffeinated products during this period. 

The upsides of getting your teeth whitening in Bondi done at the clinic is that you will require just a solitary session, that would last for less than an hour, is pain-free, and procedures do not need to take your teeth samples, which helps the dentist to get the teeth whitening done much faster and efficiently without having to rely on the patient to get the job done.

The only drawback is that in a solitary appointment, the treatment can have restricted outcomes as compared to the enhancements that can be done with whitening done at home, and the shading change can’t be estimated right away. 

Teeth whitening at home: In this procedure, the patient will initially need to go to the nearest dental clinic for the expert to review the present state of the teeth and explain how to get the procedure done on their own. For this procedure, it is important to take moulds and make some transparent plastic splints on which the whitening gel is applied.

They are utilised for 15 days on average, and it is important to have proper oral hygiene measures observed and be able to meet your dental schedule.

The benefits of this procedure are that- They are convenient to apply, cost-efficient utilises low concentrations of bleaching agents, follows a traditional type of aesthetic treatment and can be done without a prescription

Drawbacks: This procedure to be successful depends on the joint efforts from the dentist and patient, the procedure takes longer for completion and finally depends on the correct use of the gel.

Well, now you are educated. If you need to create an impact with a brilliant smile by teeth whitening, make sure to pick the correct treatment by choosing the best dentist in Bondi, who assists you with accomplishing the ideal outcomes.


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