Fri, Sep 24, 2021

Many people resort to DIY crafts nowadays because they want to add a personal touch to the items in their homes. The items sold nowadays are rather common and not everyone wants the same things, they look for something unique. People go to different lengths just to make something their own. Although many people create personalized items by using a heat press, there is another way to make something your own. You can do this through a heat transfer.

What exactly is a heat transfer?

In a heat transfer, the image/ design or words are exposed to particular elements and then placed on the item where they need to be transferred.  In this process, the heat transfer media would either be steam, hot water or thermal fluid. Exposing the item to these elements will help them form better on the surface that you want it to be on.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these different heat transfer media:


  • Thermal fluid- It transfers the heat at both high and low temperatures. The cost required for the process is minimal and there is a very simple process required for it. There is less chance of any corrosion taking place.
  • Hot water- The process is simple but it works better at a temperature that is lower than the boiling point. The process ends and does not require further water treatment.
  • Steam- Heat is transferred in larger quantities and the process requires less steam or water. The process is rather simple and controlling the heat and steam is easy.


  • Thermal fluid- The flow of the liquid heat is expensive and rather hard to control.
  • Hot water- It is difficult to control the pressure when the temperature is higher than the boiling point. The process requires a large amount of water as well. It is expensive as well.
  • Steam- This requires frequent use of water after the process as well as chemical treatment. This also is rather difficult for beginners to use.

Although there are many ways to transfer heat these are the most commonly used methods. People often look for new ways to create unique items and they usually turn to methods that can be simple as well as different. If you are planning to personalize an item make sure that the resources are compatible with the media.

Every resource interacts differently with different media

It isn’t necessary that every surface will react well with the material used and the media used. A vinyl sheet may work well on glass, plastic and wood but may not work the same on a carpet, mirror or granite tile. Make sure that the surface, as well as media and resource, is compatible before you start on your work. If there are any mistakes made, you will only end up losing out on that item because you will have to discard it. Therefore it is better to do your research first.

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