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The plans for building a formidable structure to completion are quite many. The costs of buying building materials and professional labour are also quite substantial. Before embarking on the building process, it is essential first to consult an architect who will draw a hypothetical image of the structure and will also provide significant counsel. Besides, this will help in estimating the full cost of the particular structure. After completing the building process, it is essential to do stone cladding on the structure’s interior and exterior walls.

Benefits of Stone Cladding

 Many benefits come with stone cladding

For example, the cladding process helps to cut the costs of construction thus saving some money; cladding helps to reduce the weight of natural stone; there is low maintenance involved on walls that have undergone cladding; it is also quite easy to install stone wall cladding, and stone-clad walls are quite durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, stone cladding gives a building a natural look and texture. This makes the building’s design look unique. Stonewall cladding is self-maintaining. Thus it improves and perfects itself with time. Stone clad walls are also fire resistant, therefore quite advantageous to families that live in an environment that is prone to fire. The process is also done according to the particular clients’ preferences.

Materials used in Stone Cladding

It is important to note that stone cladding is done on top of a material that is not stone; for example, this process is primarily done on top of concrete and steel. Several types of natural stones are used in this cladding process. For example, limestone, sandstone, onyx, marble, and granite are popular stones that are used. These natural stones are preferred because they produce a natural and beautiful effect on the wall. Besides, these particular stones are aesthetically enriched, thus making the building look colourful and unique.

However, there are some varieties of manufactured stone that can also be used. For example, light concrete can be mixed with rubber and incorporated with beautiful colours, thus making it resemble natural stone. The particular material used in stone cladding is slashed into a harmonious weight and thickness. This ensures that the stone-clad is professionally and well done to produce an exceptional stone-clad effect.

Cost of Stone Cladding

The cost of stone cladding is dependent on several factors, for example, the size of the area, the material used, the aesthetic effects on the stone-clad, the thickness of the clad, and the professional labour involved in the cladding process. Stonewall cladding with natural stone is more expensive than manufactured or flexible stone. Besides, these walls also demand less maintenance. Therefore the cost of stone wall cladding is modest because it is a one time process that will not be repeated.

While planning to construct a house or office, it is significant to remember that stone cladding is part of the calculations. This will ensure that the interior and exterior of the home or office looks exceptionally elegant and colourful. Therefore, the structure will serve its purpose efficiently and will serve the people effectively.

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