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Ceramic tiled walls are a preferred option for bathrooms and kitchen. At present, however, there are a number of natural stone and stone look-alike tiles made of ceramic and other materials flooding the market.

This opens up scope for a number of tiling options that can be used to accentuate and enhance the attractiveness and aesthetic appeal of every single space in your home.

You have just got to choose the right wall tiles depending on the purpose you have got in mind.

Choosing the right wall tiles

The tips you have got to bear in mind when you are walking in and out of tile shops in Sydney in a bid to pick the right wall tile for your project include


Where you intend to use the wall tile would actually be helpful in narrowing down the options of wall tiles that you can choose from. Generally, ceramic and porcelain tiles are considered to be ideal wall tiles.

But the texture, style, and design of the tile must be ideal for the location where it is to be used. You can take the guidance of the experts at the tiles shop Sydney to ensure the suitability of the tile to space you intend to use it.

Wall Tiles in Sydney


The ceramic, porcelain and natural stone look-alike wall tiles are available in different shapes and sizes. Larger tiles are easy to install and cost-effective.

But, it is better to go in for smaller sized tiles to accentuate the various features of the space. It would be especially effective when the wall where the tile is to be installed is curved.


When you visit tile shops Sydney, chances are that you wish to pick the tile of your favorite color. But shopping for a wall tile isn’t as simple as that.

You would have to choose a tile of the color that matches the existing décor in the house.  You must be aware that colors can play an important role in making a place look spacious or cramped.

Therefore, it is important to choose the color of wall tiles that would be appropriate considering the many factors including the sunlight the room would be receiving.


You now have glazed, nonglazed and matte finish tiles. Glazing makes the wall tiles easy to maintain. The glaze also lasts longer since the tiles are on the walls.

You may choose textured or matte finished tiles also if you are looking for aesthetic appeal.


Having selected the wall tiles, it is now time to choose the grout that would be used to fill the gaps between one tile and another when it is being installed.

You could either go in for grout that is of the same color of the tile or choose a contrasting color grout that would accentuate the wall tile to a greater extent.

Tiles Shop in Sydney

The installation of wall tiles has to be done with care. No matter how expensive and attractive the wall tiles might be, you cannot achieve the aesthetics that you expect unless it is installed properly.

You may request tile shops Sydney from where you purchase the tiles to refer wall tile installers who would do a good job.

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