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When installing mezzanine floors in the house, many people consider that it cannot be changed into something artistic. However if you use your creativity a little, you can change the boring mezzanine floors into something interesting. The blank space on the mezzanine floors is a great place to show artwork and creativity. Also, it gives way to endless possibilities so that you can create extensively beautiful spaces in your house. In the industrial and office areas, the mezzanine floors help to increase the space but in house they can be a great canvas.


Right from vintage to extensively modern artworks and designs, you can give way to all through the floor designs. Also, you can turn the functional space into a area where you flaunt about your best designs. So, when installing the mezzanine floors in Smithfield make sure you put in a little extra effort to decorate it too.

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Official home

When you have a mezzanine floor in your house, you get an upper storey and a lower storey. Well that not only increases space but also gives way to bring in creativity. You can try your hands on some really great interior designing ideas. Putting up transparent glasses over the area would play an important role to increase the light and the visual appearance too. Next, you can hang a pendant light to give the subtle touch of golden light at night. Also, installing some mid-century antiques would do no harm, so you can consider putting them up too.

Roman wooden apartment

Do you wish to have a Roman apartment? Obviously, who doesn’t and you can surely have one. You just need to install mezzanine floors in Smithfield. You can transfer your upper floor into a bedroom and protect it by metal rods. Do not forget to put the metal gates. You can attach the staircase nearby. Nonetheless, make sure you have decorated the place completely in white to enhance the look. If the metal rods have the antique touch it would be even better.

18th-century barn

It is time that you time-travel in the past within your bedroom itself. You can bring a significant contrast in your house. However in this case you will need to spend some money. The interior of your house should be completely adorned with the wooden touch. Just set up a wooden wheel structure to bring out the look of a barn. So, when you move up from your modern century basement, you immediately enter into the realm of the ancient era.

Lounge area

When you divide a space with mezzanine floors in Smithfield, it gives way to two distinctive areas. You can, however, use the space depending upon the requirements. While you can keep the lower floor for normal usage, you can choose to customise the upper part into an official or lounging area. Also, make sure to add some traditional tough by putting up some small benches and glass table side by side. You can further use this area for your professional meetups too. More impact will be created if the area is facing a green garden.

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