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There are several ways in which you can remove water stains from your granite surfaces. The best option is surely a granite stain remover. In case you clean the surface every day you can use the likes of natural cleaning products or a mild soap along with water. Remember that the cleaning product that you use should be one that is meant to be used on stone surfaces such as these. If the cleaning product is abrasive or acidic it could damage the sealant that has been installed on your countertop.

  • Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen :

This is something that you must always do.

Acidic liquids such as wine, lemon juice, and orange juice can decompose the sealant and get in thus staining your countertop. The same is applicable for household soaps and sodas as well. In that case, you may have to use a granite stain remover.

  • Washing the stain : 

If you want to remove such water spots you can wash the stains as well. The primary ingredients, in this case, are water and a mild detergent. You can also use a soft-bristled brush that would help you scrub lightly.

After this, you can rinse the surface by using clean water and dry it as well. If you want, you can use a granite stain remover for such work too.

  • Dealing with stubborn stains :

If the stains cannot be removed as easily you can use some different ingredients for cleaning. Make a paste by using water and baking soda. If you want, you can also use talc along with a diluted ammonia solution. The likes of hydrogen peroxide and bleach can prove to be helpful in this regard as well. Use a soft brush and scrub the stain gently.

You need to rinse it off as thoroughly as you can. You need to keep in mind that it may take you more than one application of such ingredients to remove the stain. You can, however, use a granite stain remover to make things easier for yourself.

  • Dealing with the hard-to-remove water stains :

At times, water-based stains can be hard to remove. They normally form around your faucets and the main reason they form is deposition and settlement of hard water on the affected surface. In such cases, there are a few ways to go about removing them. You can use a razor blade and gently scrape it away.

You can also use a Brillo pad and scrub it softly. After this use a damp and soft cloth to wipe the residue away.

  • Dealing with stubborn stains :

Some stains tend to be stubborn in the truest sense of the term. In such cases, you can use the likes of granite stain remover. Extractors and poultice are also great options to have in such situations. You do get poultice products that are made specifically for granite at hardware stores or stores that specialize in stone surface products. You can also make a paste on your own by using hydrogen peroxide and flour.


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