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The obvious fact that when you get home after long holiday your first thing on a to-do list is to unload all the contents and offer a good wash to the second hand caravans for sale while tossing out items that are about to expire and lock your utensils away.

But many people overlook that extra precautions are required to guarantee that your pride and joy can endure for years and, most significantly, remain healthy until your next trip away.

Here are a few ideas for maintenance and storage that you definitely should follow.

Removing everything from the caravan: 

When you are not planning to use your caravan for a long period of time, it’s a smart idea to avoid all sorts of items, like stuff including biscuits or crackers, tea bags, coffee beans and sugar. The last thing you want is to actually draw rats who end up living right at cheap caravans.

Removing life-saving products: 

As described, having a stock inventory of life-saving products such as the contents of your first aid kit and removing the stuff you’ve used is vital. Do something when it’s all fresh on your head, else you may find yourself in a messy condition that involves a bandage and doesn’t have one aboard.

If you have partly used the fire extinguisher, don’t forget to charge it again. This can be reused given the sensor is still in the grey. They will require routine second hand caravans for sale coverage every six months or so with so many fire departments out there, calling around and finding a couple offers first is a smart plan.

living right at cheap caravans

Leads and links checking: 

Easy to miss but just as necessary to note. You’ll want to make sure that both ties are free of dirt, are not rusted and have not experienced significant wear and tear on the ground-particularly if you’ve just been off-road with second hand caravans for sale.

Putting your BMS into storage mode: 

Putting your battery management system into storage mode is critical because it is built to charge the house battery to its maximum point when your cheap caravans are in storage.

It is also necessary, in this mode, to remove all loads from the house battery. Failure to do so may result in under-loading of the battery, resulting in false readings on the State of Charge indicator, and likely causing harm to the loads when reconnected.

Maintaining the tyres: 

If the tires of your cheap caravans are exposed to the light, it is a smart thing to cover them because they may get affected by UV rays. Even easier than is to see them raised off the table, because that would avoid the creation of flat areas.

Long-term parking: 

When your second hand caravans for sale is kept for a long period, housing in your workshop can well be worth exploring, when space permits. If not, find the space as self-storage. Many of these facilities are safe and require entry 24 hours a day, and you can come and go as you wish. What’s more, a discounted cost for long-term usage may be negotiable.

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