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Do you want to install timber flooring in your home space? Then, you hire the expert timber flooring installers who are experts in installing the floor flawlessly. This adds aesthetic details to your home and increases its resale value. There are different types of timber flooring available in the market. So, it is critical for you to learn about each of the floorings to choose the right one that perfectly complements your home space. Basically, hardwood and softwood are widely and popularly used timber flooring in many homes.

The following are the different types of timber flooring baulkham hills available in the market.

Hardwood: The best examples of hardwood include oak, birch, maple, teak and mahogany. Every type of wood is extracted from deciduous trees. This tree would shed its leaves during the autumn season. This is more expensive compared to the softwood that is available. However, this is durable, easy to maintain and gives a classy appearance when is laid on the home flooring. It is important to note that not all hardwoods are durable and many people choose softwood over hardwood since hardwood is costlier compared to softwood. Moreover, it takes years for the hardwood to grow, whereas softwood grows at a faster pace. There is another durable form of hardwood that is available and is preferred by the people who want to keep up their flooring for a long time, i.e. solid hardwood. This will remain and give the fresh and new look despite it is exposed to extreme foot traffic and tear. In addition, hardwood is resistant to fire and would give an appealing look when laid on the flooring.

Softwood: The softwoods are grown quickly over hardwoods and are the affordable option available for the homeowners. The softwoods are extracted from the trees that grow in every season. This type of wood is widely used in making furniture, cabins and construction of homes. The softwoods are available in different types. There include – fir, spruce, pine and larch. As the name suggests, this type of wood is softer over hardwood.

Engineered wood: In addition to hardwood and softwood, there is another option that is available for the people, i.e. engineered wood. Many people are showing interest in investing in the engineered wood. This puts together a couple of layers of ply to create a core board. This is made like a sandwich and is topped with a solid wood lamella. This creates a stable base of the solid wood top layer. When you have decided to install timber flooring in your home, you need to decide between hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. There are many other things you need to take into consideration before choosing any of these options such as budget, humidity and change in the temperature of the room. However, personal taste and preference would have a great impact on the selection of the wood type. You can also take the advice given by the wood flooring supplier to install the right timber flooring Baulkham hills for your home.

These are a few types of timber flooring that are available in the diverse price range. You can choose the one that best fits in your pocket size.



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