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Landscaping is a combination of both art and science elements to come up with an aesthetically pleasing and functional extension of indoor living to the outdoor areas. One of the basic purposes of landscaping is to blend the technology of man into the natural surroundings. And to work towards the preferred landscape design, the horticulturist should have a good knowledge of both the design principles and art elements. It is not always important to go deep into the basics of landscaping Turramurra to make it perfect, but it is important to learn the basics to create an aesthetically pleasing and soothing garden.

Here come the details of the vital elements of landscaping:

  1. Balance: A garden can either be asymmetrical or symmetrical. It is possible to achieve the symmetrical balance easily as this divides the entire area into two equal sections and then designs both in the same way. So, this kind of design is ideal for classic garden styles. Asymmetrical style of landscaping is really interesting, but it is hard to get. This includes balancing areas of different sizes with different types of garden accessories and landscaping elements. Imbalanced gardens can’t exude beauty, tranquillity, and peace.
  2. Unity: Landscape elements like carved stone fountains or cast, flowers and plants, garden set and other important accessories should complement each other. Even the immaculately kept gardens should not look restful even in case one or two elements go out of sync. Even if your garden is a hodgepodge of different styles, the transition from one style from another must be evident. So, it is better to choose a theme for the garden first and then begin the landscaping Turramurra from there.
  3. Proportion: Every element of a garden needs to be in the direct proportion with other landscape elements. A large water feature is not apt for a tight garden area. Rather, a small water fountain will do the job more feasible. Besides, it is also important to check the actual height of the plants while planning the gardens. Every element in the garden must be linked with each other in terms of type, texture, and size.
  4. Colour: Colour explosion in the garden is not a good thing always. Bright and loud shades are prone to make the view come forward while light and cool shades make the view move back or recede. So, a good blend of colours will look great.
  5. Line: Lines mainly pertain to the pathways and walkways in the garden landscaping Turramurra. These lines make the path from one place to another in the garden effortless, flawless and seamless. The paths in the garden must be easily accessible. It means the path needs to be clear from all the structures or obstructions unless this is the end of the path. In case you want to have an outdoor water fountain in the garden landscaping, it is best to make the garden around it.

So, the end goal of learning all of these elements can help you to create a harmonious garden.


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