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For a well-designed bathroom, flooring is the key. Choosing the flooring that will make your bathroom look beautiful and the spotless is a daunting job. This is because when choosing the flooring not only the look is kept in mind but the functionality of the flooring is also considered. The material of the flooring has to cope with the humidity, water spills and temperature. But is it enough? The flooring has to remain the same even after excessive wear and tear. And beyond that, the elegance of the bathroom should not be compromised. With so much confusion don’t just select your flooring. Whether it is timeless tile or cool vinyl, bathroom renovations Richmond has it all.

Talk through tiles

Tiles are the ultimate choice when it comes to bathroom flooring. Tiles will look good and be best in the high moisture and heat. If laid properly these are long lasting with the same feel as new. Marbles will look good and are best for a natural look. Make sure that marble is polished as it is naturally porous. Porcelain and ceramic can elevate the luxurious look of the bathroom and is best for a welcoming morning. Bathroom renovations Richmond have the best tiles that work best in wet conditions.

Don’ts: granite is a big no when it comes to bathroom flooring because they tend to crack.

Tile design: if your bathroom is big and contemporary large tiles can be a good option. If yours is a small bathroom vintage can help define the compact room. You can experiment with bold colours or monochromes with graphic designs are a popular look.

Is wood the right one?

The natural feel and chic look that is provided by wood flooring cannot be replaced by anything else. But solid wood won’t work well in high moisture. For bathrooms, engineered wood will be highly durable due to dimensional stability. It has a plywood base that can hold up well against moisture. The engineered wood will authentically resemble wood because of the hardwood veneer top layer.

Design look: for the most elegant look pick parquet flooring. If yours is a period bathroom then wood is a top-notch choice.


Richmond vinyl plank floor

Vinyl for the luxurious look

With the growth of technology, there are various trendy options for bathroom floor apart from tiles and wood. Vinyl is one such material that can be the best alternative for other types of flooring. Vinyl will instil a high end look to the bathroom for half the price of tiles or wood. Richmond vinyl plank floors are known for its cool look and high performance in moisture. The insulating feel and softness underfoot are soothing whenever you use the bathroom. It comes in various textures and finishes with a slip-resistant feature. The best part about vinyl is that you can lay it on existing flooring.

Design that you can go for: with the wide range of options that are available in Richmond vinyl plank flooring, you can go for any look that you love. Whether it is an edgy contemporary look or classy and sophisticated look vinyl can fulfil your dream.

Bottom line

There are also other options like laminate flooring that might suit your bathroom. But when considering durability and design tiles can be a good option for your bathroom. Select your flooring now from Richmond bathroom renovations.


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