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The parking lot must be enhanced with proper line striping paint. And the colour with the type of paint selected does have very much to do with the appearance of the parking lot. So normally paint for car park lines must be done in the yellow or while along with handicap logos, and different colour squares.

So some of it feels like yellow is the colour that is more visible and must be useful for curbing, hashed areas, crosswalks, or words. Others feel like yellow must be useful in climates where there is snow. They feel that yellow will be seen even in snowy conditions too. Few of them feel that yellow is so commercial and must not be useful for residential areas such as apartments, etc. In such areas, white is the most preferred colour. So which type of paint you need to choose?

So when it comes to painting for car park lines, it is your personal preference. Few of the people are using all the blue lines as well as others are having the custom colours that are made for having their line striping colours matching to their building.

There are a few options for which kind of paint you are using or choosing. Earlier in the 1990s, 90% of paint was useful for parking lots and roadways were completely oil-based. And there was the movement aways from oil-based paint and it was useful as well as eco-friendly paints which are lead-free.

So below is the list of a few different kinds of paint for car park lines-

Waterborne paints :

It is known to be the most commonly used among line strippers. The benefits are really simple and the product is also very easy to use, it cleans up very easily and there are barely any fumes. Waterborne based paint is seen more advanced in the last few years. This kind of paint is useful when striping the parking lot which has recently been sealed with the coal tar products. Waterborne paints will not result in good temperatures under 50 degrees. In northern climates, this shortens the season of striping.

Chlorinated rubber :

Normally it is more expensive to paint compared to waterborne paid. It would be yellow when it is applied to the new sealed lot with coal tar. They now must have corrected that issue. This paint for car park lines dries very fast and is the tougher paint when compared and also offers extra durability than the waterborne paint. It results well in the wide temperature range.

It can be applied in the coolest temperature and thus extends the striping season in the colder climates. Chlorinated rubber is the higher performance paint which dries very fast and has extremely well durability and high resistance.

Reflective paints :

It offers good visibility of parking lines. The headlights of cars lighten up the beads. This type of line striping is used at night, snow, or in icy situations. Reflective paints for car park lines are glass beads that are put in both waterborne and chlorinated rubber paints.



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