Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Outdoor awnings are known to provide the ultimate shade on summer days and protect you and your home from wind and rain. The Vaucluse awnings are also used for increasing energy efficiency. Right from the simple rigid awning to the retractable models, you can get these awnings in so many sizes, shapes and materials.

While the traditional ones are mostly made out of the cotton canvas, metal or wood, the modern versions are manufactured using more durable materials, which need less maintenance:

1) Going for the acrylic option:

Acrylic and acrylic-coated synthetic-based fabrics for Vaucluse awnings have the capability to hold up longer than those traditional canvases. They are known to reduce fading and repel water in an effective manner. Homeowners have the right to choose from 100% acrylic fabrics. Or, they can just opt for the polyester fabrics well coated with cotton-polyester and acrylic blends with proper acrylic coats. 

The uncoated polyester might not be that suitable for awnings as they are highly susceptible to sun damage. The polyester and awning fabrics are mostly opaque and heavy to be Vaucluse awnings fabrics. They will work well in those areas with higher humidity and will resist mildew and other UV rays damages.

2) Vinyl is another noteworthy material:

If you want, you can opt for some Vaucluse awnings fabrics, which can be easily coated with vinyl. These materials are a bit heavier when compared to acrylic-coated or acrylic materials. They are known for greater translucency, making them perfect for backlit. As per some of the experts associated with the awning industry, the vinyl laminated polyester is perfect for areas with high humidity. On the other hand, the vinyl-coated polyester will have a thin protective layer, which can also resist mildew and UV rays but less effective in any humid environment.

3) Going in with the metal options:

Aluminium and steel Vaucluse awnings are quite common during the 1950s and were still used in the 1970s. These options are noted to present that6 low maintenance and slick surface, which can be easily painted to match with the rest of the house. The steel products are in need of regular repainting to prevent the formation of rust. On the other hand, you have aluminium, which can dent easily. 

On the other hand, the metal awnings might need some more careful cleaning than any of the fabric options, mostly if they end up with moulded ridges and other dirt collecting areas. You cannot roll up such Vaucluse awnings, but there are some modern options available with hinges to fold them up or down.

4) Fibreglass is here as well:

These fibreglass awnings are light in weight when compared to steel or aluminium counterparts. You can mould these awnings with the material’s colour and prevent the need to repaint but reduce the ability to change the look as well. These fibreglass options can be slightly translucent or completely opaque. 

Just go through the possible options you can get with awnings and then finalise the one you like the most. Plenty of options await you to explore.


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